Rescue Of An Abandoned Dog – The Wild Dogs Attack Her | Dog Rescue Stories

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Rescue Of An Abandoned Dog – The Wild Dogs Attack Her | Dog Rescue Stories

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overpower68 says:

Well Done man

Ying Kong says:

Thank you for your kindness of taking good care of all the poor strays ! You have put much efforts and spent all your time in helping them , you must be exhausted in their daily routine work ? Thank you Takis !

Kristy * says:

You have a way about you that animals trust. You gave a great gift. I'm grateful to you.. to be able to help these innocent souls heal. God bless you Takis.

Cathy Holley says:

Poor abused baby muppie. .

leicestergirl63 says:

Thank you Takis for rescuing needy doggies and giving them such happy lives. How wonderful to see Ria healing, learning to trust and enjoying herself with you and her new doggy friends. Also, Nero in particular touches me so much – what a gentle, loving, sweet old boy he is. I'd give him a home in a heartbeat if I could but he seems very happy with you and enjoying his golden years surrounded by all his doggy pals and still making mischief and partying when he can! Is there a link to his rescue? I'd love to know his story.

Phyllis Steging says:

They had a great party. They get along and then they calm each other. Its so good to see. Nero is happy to. Maria adopted the small puppy to care for. That's good. They sure love one another and its nice they have lots of room to run & play.

Rebecca Herrera says:

Lol. They have party! Very cute in their healing process.

Kelly Painter says:

Takis is a kind man.

irishmermaid 4 says:

Ria is most beautiful. Would love to see a followup video with her. Those who hurt her are heartless devils who deserve the same treatment.

Estela MEstella Estella is crying the clothes ino says:

PLEASE take the dog thanks for everything u do

Up the Ante says:

You are SO SWEET Takis!!

Karin Weynen says:

Thank you for all you do! ❤️

Tonia P says:

τέτοια καλοσύνη προς τα ζώα δεν υπάρχει…

Thien Tran Quang says:

Thank you Dog Rescue

Elizabeth Paredes Alor says:

Que Dios te de los medios para seguir ayudando a los más indefensos, bendiciones

Lauren S says:

Thank you for all your good work! I wish Nero could find a family to love and pamper him during his senior years.

Gertha Frohsinn says:

Der arme Wauwi. Er hat Schmerzen und ist so ängstlich. Danke für eure Hilfe. Ihr habt meinen Respekt. Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Erfolg und das ihr noch mehr Tieren helfen könnt. Auch sie werden es Euch danken

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