Sri Lankan authorities admit prior knowledge of bomb attacks | ABC News

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Sri Lankan authorities have confirmed they had “prior information” of an imminent attack on churches up to 10 days before the Easter Sunday bombings claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

round 450 people have been injured and 207 people were killed, including an estimated 30 foreigners, after a number of explosions ripped through churches and luxury hotels.

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Narmada P says:

This is clearly carried out by the majoritarian Sinhalese government against Tamils. Most of the people killed were Tamils.

Luke Elliott says:

In the last days, Christians shall be persecuted. We are living in it my friends.

Albert Gary says:

RIP to all my Catholic family and everyone that lost their lives. And to their families I hope you can live on and forgive the bomber. May the bomber be forgiven for his sins and accepted in the kingdom of heaven.

foofoo blenda says:

that govt is full of scum terrist rwelios fanatics this is what islam did in how many non christian countries?

Aryan Tanwar says:

Religion of peace!! again ..

Zhang SongQuan says:

Notice the difference. When muslim got shot, the comments will always be filled with may allah be with you and other very muslim specific blessing towards only muslims. Where is that for none muslims?

Are schools in new zealand going to observe church bells and prayers like they did for islam?

Double standards so thick you can spit on it.

Discharge Summary says:

Forewarned but did not act = GOVERNMENT IS COMPLICIT

Mark Lowe says:

Where's the Islamic outrage now?

MAGMK&W 20:114 says:

Terrorism has no borders. Killing people in synagogues, mosques and churches has no religion. It is evil people. My sympathies to the Sri Lankan people who have lost loved ones.

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