Nuclear-Powered City | Because Science Footnotes

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Kyle discusses mega powered cities, responds to your comments, and more!

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Because Science says:

Should have called this "DootNotes." DAMN. Thanks for watching! — kH

Antonio Brother says:

What's your youube play button? Is that a silver? Anyway congratulations

JohnR300 says:

I'm pro nuclear and I believe that it is the best source of energy to this date. Better than solar, and better than wind combined, and doesn't damage the planet when building one.

Ma1992Wi says:

What you seem to forget about Nuclear Energy is the waste problem . We still have no idea how to handle the waste that is basically toxic. The radioactivity of it goes on for so long and we neither know how to deal with it nor how harmful it actually is, it just seems to be irresponsible to talk about it in a positive way.

TheCalenestel says:

I know I'm constantly lagging behind and that this might not ever be read buuuut… I disagree somewhat with your stance on nuclear power.

I agree that it has a BIGGER stigma than it deserves. It is VERY safe (in most of the world at least) and I agree that it is MUCH better for our environment than coal or oil.
But the main problem I have with fission reactors is that they generate waste that we can't handle in a good way. The spent cores need to be stored for thousands of years and there have been several cases of containment barrels leaking after only a couple of decades. Even when they're stored FAR underground that is still in itself a major cause for concern considering how long they need to be kept safe. That problem is compounded when you consider that quite a few countries have enough seismic activity that they have no safe places to store radioactive waste like that.
And on top of that the storage facilities are themselves major security threats that could be exploited by terrorists or common thieves needing protection for thousands of years.

That is not a good enough solution, even if it can help us temporarily while we build enough solar-, wind-, wave- and eventually fusion power to fill our energy needs.

Sierra LVX says:

9:10 That hurt man.

GalaxyWolf 489 says:

Nuclear power should be looked into more as a replacement for coal and natural gas, but it has been given a stigma due to propaganda from the coal industry.

TyrBear says:

Go nuclear on nuclear.

T Bone says:

Peets, doots and beans. Good stuff.

James C. says:

Peats, Doots, beans… I love you so much for this thanks.

Wariyaka says:

Earns a sub just for that comment on the "greenness" of nuclear power 🙂

꧁༺The Great Assyr༻꧂ says:

Thank you a gazillion times for pointing out how nuclear energy IS NOT dangerous at all. Wow. It was about time that someone stated it out.

j morrison says:

Am I the only idiot that googled Arctic Fox "peats" and "doots". Am I also the only idiot that can't find Doots as a part of the Arctic Fox's anatomy? Am I having my proverbial leg pulled? When I Google Arctic Fox doots, Google wants to change it to doors. I'm confused …. (Still Googling 10 min later )All I can find is you talking of Toe beans on Twitter… I quit

Bernat says:

1:12 for the intro from now

Taylor Gibson says:

90 miles per hour????

hunter jaakola says:

What if it was (partially) human powerd where there were workout areas that created electricity for the place.

Fireheart318 says:

Okay, these things have awful fuel economy compared to cars and trucks and stuff that only move 5 people or so, but how does it compare to the number of cars needed to move that many people?

Roger Skagerström says:

Here Adam Savage interviews a guy working at Weta about the speed. The city's going at 300 mph 😛

Raven1024 says:

I agree with you on nuclear plants. We have more and more types of reactors being researched as well.

Henk Elemans says:

Frigid Pete's on the end of their Deutz? That's what the captions say. I have no idea what it is actually supposed to be though and neither does Wiktionary.

Oliver Roberts says:

You still realize that after after after nuclear meltdowns you would have to spend billions of dollars of cleanup and plus going very fast would mean more space for mistake so London would be gone

Mikolaj says:

Lovely Trump tribute at the end.

peter carlyle says:

coal power plants also release more radiation than nuclear power plants. fission or fusion reactors try really hard to keep all the radiation in.

coal power plants burn tonnes of atoms from the ground making ash and carbon dioxide.

Since a reasonable percentage of atoms on earth are radioactive, this ends up releasing a large amount of radioactive ash into the air.

bigdmdiddy says:

The hell is a 'doot'?  Toes?  Foot pads?  A foot fart?

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