NBA Daily Show: Apr. 22 – The Starters

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On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys debate the NBA weekend’s most impressive road win, whether the Sixers/Nets ejections were warranted, and which 3-0 series ends tonight. That, plus the Celtics’ sweep, Westbrook’s “next question” routine, ex-Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau in studio, new Weekend Whoopsies, and so much more. Watch The Starters daily throughout the playoffs or get more of them on their website:


Jack Carter says:

Should’ve been tossed? That wasn’t even a flagrant. He got him on the arm and the potato head went crazy.

ducking done says:

I don't know how to play WHATCHU GOT? 🙁

420protoman says:

the hardest game coming up now is the jazz in houston game 5… if jazz do pull it off they go back home for game 6 that would be a crazy utah stadium. mitt romney probly even show up for trash talking

miasmamuzic says:

7:28 You know Trey was losing it off camera

420protoman says:

lady with the big hair is really an alien in disuise… c'mon guys. so obvious she is hiding large skull under that hairdo

Achileas Papoulias says:

Boston's sweep was unfair

stevieooo says:

Westbrook has no answers to reporters just like he has no answers to Lilliard!

Amer Bleik says:

Yo, you should start posting each topic or a couple as its own vid on YT, alongside the full episode of course. But it'd be nice to see a title like "Something Something Kawhi" and just watch that if I'm in a hurry that day. lol

Kolu Laser says:

Long ass episode but I'll take it

Awesome Boys | JPTV says:


Mr Pelvis says:

I think the Thunder is by far the worst team in the playoffs 2019 (including the east). There is absolutely no way the Blazers lose to them.

Owen _ says:

As soon as the Celtics lose game one they are going to start blaming each other again.

clarence da skitz cunt says:

And that's why I hate people like Russel Westbrook. He's a sore loser who gets upset when he doesn't win or get his own way.

Seyi Agiri says:

Tom Thibodeau was so boring! And Tas' closing remarks always kill me. Lmao.

detailsmove says:

Most underrated ball show

Ref Refy says:

Use this as a SAS love LBJ too much button

mrpzpdx says:

If the Blazers had their center they could have competed and possibly win a match up with any team period.

The NBA in Minutes says:


D White says:


Everstone HLH says:

I’m i the only one who says ayo with them?

Dade Murphy says:

thibs has a voice, interesting

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