Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz – Game 4 – Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets – Game 4 – Full Game Highlights | April 22, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Ximo Pierto says:

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G Manu says:

Rockets should have got home court advantage if it wasnt for melo

Geoffrey Ngesa says:

Donovan took over

Giffond Hall says:

the rockets should have close the series tonight

Collin Manning says:

Jazz need to lose bro… the more games the rockets play the less chance they beat the Warriors.

melshane Mcforrest says:

Wow i think the UTAH players are so much inspired by the crowd!!!great game UTAH..! Go go beat the rockets …i dont like james harden…

Shadow Stalker says:

Y'all dumb af if u think rockets can beat the warriors cousins might be out but bogut is a backup and is a huge piece to the team he fits will with the offense

P0PPA. SM00V3 says:


IMT MaybeCold says:

Paul had 9 rebounds and it's the highest rebound for HOU. WOW WTH?

Patrick Lim says:

4:14 , damn that's a sweet move.

Jay Twist says:

4:40 when jae crowder try to defense on MVP hahaha

Sleep Bomber says:

Jazz in 7 don't @ me

M Bof says:

utah ass fans think they got lucky, rockets just want to win in their homecourt hahaha

oldfrend says:

if rubio was a better defender the jazz would've won more than one game by now. he's practically riding harden's left hand with his jock and still can't stop him from shooting. he's just not a championship caliber point guard – can't defend, can't shoot for shit. no accident they pulled away when they put mitchell/crowder on harden instead.

TeW33zy says:

Rubio looked like a Dane all star player. To sad he doesnt do it consistent. If he was, he would be a 3rd player option instead of 5th..

TeW33zy says:

Utah did good but u cant win playoff series depending on the team playing bad, you have to beat them when they play at the best. That's playoff basketball

Seek Truth says:

This is where the joking begins

DenLop 96 says:

Fucked up team

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