North Korea test fires "new-type tactical guided weapon," state media says

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North Korea has test-fired a “new-type tactical guided weapon,” its state media announced Thursday, a move that could be an attempt to register the country’s displeasure with currently deadlocked nuclear talks with the United States. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joins CBSN’s DeMarco Morgan with the latest.


Tyler Bugica says:

Hes scary but god damn…

I gotta get that barbers number cause he looking FRESH

Tyler Bugica says:

Damn these new hobby lobby rockets look nice were can i get one?

Brian Wilks says:

Donald dump do you see what you have done Kim is at it again

avner 888 says:


B. Lipkowitz says:

Talk about holding up the fickle finger at Trump!

Eagle Eye says:

the tactical guided weapons can go in the classification down to the small caliber cannon rounds even if you can make the bullet guided toward its target it's called tactical guided so its not a necessary tactical ballistic missile although the presence of the DPRK President in testing of the weapon system it may be indicated that it is a tactical ballistic missile or possibly or a guided MLRS missile .ATGM …etc, even the bullet like 12,7 / 14.5 mm , of DPRK was able to make it guided it would classify a precision tactical weapon . Without ignoring that the announcement of the participation of the President in the activities of weapons system testing and experiments may be subject in part of it to the considerations , requirements and the needs of achieving the objectives of DPRK foreign policy , But not necessarily in the end all the activities of the President of whole Korea are covered by the official media as part of its efforts to enthronement and glorification the personality of the President and to highlighting his pivotal role in the building of his nation and achieving its Renaissance and defending its independent ,therewith those activities remains in its objectives not limited to the regional and international geopolitical developments and demands .

Tony Harris says:

Spanky your deal maker no Spanky you were played. When are we going to impeach this m*********

aaron hobart says:

Just glad we can hear something else besides left and right talk on the news

Steven Hughes says:

Not a one of you libtards know what a tactical weapon is yet you are all experts in misguided rhetoric! LmFAO

jaya tissa says:

Will Trump and Kim meet again?

Mr.AngryEyes says:

North Korea is playing the US like a fiddle

Rufus says:

tRump sure wastes a lot of good jet fuel going to see his boyfriend with the funny haircut.

Üf Da says:

NK has a missle? OMG, who’d have guessed! Why is this even news?

RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

Should've test fired it in the general vicinity of the U.S.

NRA Forever says:

North Korea's version of a "guided weapon", basically amounts to little more than a bottle rocket.
Slant eyed turds. Hahahaha!!!

Jackson Heathen says:

Wait a minute, I thought Donald Dump fixed all that for us ?

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