5 types of graphic designers, how much do they make?

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How much do graphic designers make? It depends on what type of work do you do, how good you are and where do you locate. Watch this video to get a ballpark figure of how much money will you make if you’re thinking to become a graphic designer.

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Mana Offer says:

What about technical graphic designers who use tools like blendr and python to create game art?

Aboriginal Ancient says:

Hello, are you doing any commissions

Marrf man says:

I so wanna get famous

Marrf man says:

Thanks for the tips

Mitch McKay says:

really good

Sam Marriage says:

i recently started doing graphic design on instagram, my @ is @sam_designss do u have any tips??

monica Mourad says:

very informative video thank you so much

June Yong says:

Summary of 5 types of designer
1. Illustrator
2. Branding designer (logo design falls under here)
3. Graphic designer (print design falls under here)
4. Web designer
5. UX/UI designer (highest earning)

Christina The Creative says:

Hey. I just subscribed to you and I appreciate your content. I enjoy hearing your knowledge, especially as a designer / YouTuber myself.

asmaa amer says:

Can you advice me ? How can find UI designer job (100% remote ) or even freelancer work ? Thank you so much for your value information

Koresuchan says:

I see the watch, I click like.

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