15 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2019

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15 video marketing statistics every business owner and content creator needs to know! ****** **** Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? I just released a brand new 1-hour YouTube Masterclass and you can watch it free here ➡️ http://TubeInfluence.com

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1. (Free Online YouTube Masterclass) Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? I just released a brand new 1-hour YouTube Masterclass and you can watch it free here ➡️ http://TubeInfluence.com

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In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares 15 online video statistics you need to know in 2019. These YouTube video marketing tips where shared a Grow with Video LIVE in Las Vegas. To learn more visit: http://growwithvideolive.com

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Megan Marie says:

Another great video! Based off the quality, I can definitely tell you put a ton of effort into these videos! Great job!

Tina Bussemer says:

Where did you get all this information from?

Nico van der Gryp says:

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Very interesting. I have been working in the traditional models of video for 29 years now and finding a renewed interest through watching you and youngsters like yourself take on the evolution through technology and tailoring content for individual tastes. I find your marketing skills to be top notch and really enjoy your presentations.

The Florida Diver says:

Subscribing! YouTube success is not an easy feat. Hoping to learn a bit for my own channel. Thanks

Head in the Clouds Gamer says:

Just gotta become somebody’s favorite then lol

conasse88 says:

Skillful Video! It helped me a lot!

Joe Testa says:

isn't it great you can learn about how to create a successful youtube channel while watching another successful youtube channel?

Mountain View Meeting Place says:

The statistics here blew my mind, but reinforced my resolve in moving our businesses more into the video market arena.

Fair j says:

It's nice to jump back into this after ditching selfish people. Sure do miss staying up on your videos.

conasse88 says:

Inordinate Video! It helped me a lot!

Decarla’s Channel says:

Subscribe to my channel guys

Michael Robinett says:

I have to wonder why I stopped watching your videos in favor of Derral Eves, Brian G, and Nick Nimmin. Y'all are right up there with 'em, and have definitely been added back into my "YT Tips" rotation… Perhaps I just wasn't connecting with the '16/'17 content? This is good stuff.

ONE LIFE says:

1view plus 1 subscription = 4views plus 1 subscription , small youtubers lets help each other.

Brother Everett X says:

Hey Sean I just put up my first video…….

Terrell's Takes says:

Hi Sean. I love your content and watch every video and your master classes. You give such great advice when it comes to all things YouTube. I've been a subscriber for almost a year and I finally got my channel off the ground. Would you by any chance be willing to take 3-5 minutes of your day to do a quick and dirty review of my channel and provide a few tips and tools for building my influence with online video and what I could do to 10x my content? Thanks!

Prime Time Aquatics says:

Always love the info you provide! Thanks for sharing.

Hilary Mauro says:

Interesting info. What is your source of information for these stats?

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