Extremely funny Indian TV Ads 7BLAB – 5th

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The fifth in the series of video compilation of extremely funny Indian TV ads.


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ZafoR says:

Indians should hire the people who made these ads to make it a realy long 2 hour ad then give it a name for a new movie that is probably going to be better than any movie or shit TV shows that they have over there.
Ps. Indians films used to be so good, wtf happend. They were basicly like anime but with wearder language subtitles.

Swin Shuvrangshu says:

Bakwass Indian add.

Achal says:

At least he showed the thumbnail….honest hai banda..

Joydip Chakraborty says:

6:20 what do you think about this ad ? Funny??

ID ANA says:

Bro why sunny is on the thumbnail?

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