If You Don't Understand Quantum Physics, Try This!

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A simple and clear explanation of all the important features of quantum physics that you need to know. Check out this video’s sponsor https://brilliant.org/dos
I have spent a lot of time thinking about how best to explain quantum physics and this is the result of all my hours of pondering, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I decided to just explain it as it actually is, rather than rely on analogies. The video explains the quantum wavefunction, particle-wave duality, the measurement problem, the double-slit experiment, superposition, entanglement, quantum tunnelling, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and energy quantisation. Let me know if it was helpful! Cheers Dx

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Further reading
For a more detailed introduction to quantum physics: ‘The Quantum Universe’ by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw is good.
And a slightly more advanced but fantastic description of what we do and don’t know about quantum physics is the excellent book ‘Beyond Weird’ by Philip Ball.

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Tanvi Chauhan says:

Why we consider small particle as wave

Richard S. says:

Again, to say that Newton derived classical physics is a bit of a stretch. Where are Galileo, Kepler, Leibniz, Hooke and all the others? I know it's perhaps a small point, but still.

James Henry Smith says:

The double slit experiment isn't true. Light diffracts even with one slit when the slits are thin enough. You can test it even with fingers or forks or another fork behind the first one for narrower slits. The wave or diffraction effects are always observable even when watching.

karen says:

you can never be certain who will understand a video on QM and who will not.

Cole ‘Tequila’ Patron says:

Quantum Physics legit means "You know but you don't know"


Very good explanation, thanks!

Nene Wilson-Tetteh says:

I still do not understand.

Seema Bisht says:

Hah bro i feel better after watching this video LOL

gokil says:

how if i thinking about someone then he will thinking about me?,
or how if he thinking about me then i will thinking about him?

seedogreed says:

Excellent video and explanation! For further readings I strongly recommend the book "What is Real?" by Adam Becker.

김지용 says:

This channel is GOLD!!

Miguel Burgos says:

in physics I learned that laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Dirk A says:

I have such a headache now.   I believe that there was quantum tunneling through my brain.   And at the same time, not.

AcidMist says:

When you start to really think about quantum mechanics it gets really scary. There are really two rules in the universe.

1. Nothing can go faster that light
2. Quantum Mechanics can never be directly observed

Think about what physicists are really doing when attempt to measure a quantum object with the double slit experiment. In essence understanding the wave function means seeing all the different possibilities and this is not allowed. Now think about this on a blow-up scale. 'Things' just exist when you look at them…you never see multiples of the same thing. If everything is made up of atoms then what we call 'consciousness' is our measurement device. We are measuring ourselves and the atoms 'just happened' to align this way every single time. Only when you close your eyes does everything around you including yourself become a wave of potential. This could explain sleep…it's almost easy enough to enter the quantum realm (dreams) but to actually be aware (lucid dreaming) is much harder. That's why dreams sort of don't make sense when you wake up from them….they are a wave of possibilities this light has…by absorbing other passing light they get excited and jump when jumps you to a different dream.

Just think about how weird it would be if every 1000th time you blink a different outcome happens? But even at that tiny amount, I'm pretty sure the change would also be tiny, probably even tiny enough you wouldn't notice it. Think about if it was though? Like when you see something out the side of your eye…you automatically blink and look but nothing is there. Now the 'correct' universe you are seeing right now far outweighs the amount of 'different possibilities' so when you blink, the 'correct' universe is back in place…hence you see nothing.

Blank Draft says:

"Time" my friend, that's what's missing.

Louise Bean says:

There is a lot that physics does not understand.

Brian Briggs says:

If it ends up being "real" they don't even understand it that well !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

InfernoBeetle says:

Hey there, Domain of Science, I really like this video and thank you for being able to explain what is going on with quantum mechanics, but now that I know what is going on basically, I now have more questions about whether or not its necessary. not in the sense of if I need it, but as in this: Why do you need the wave function? I ask this because it seems like the physics laid out by people such as Newton and Einstein make less complex assumptions about the world than quantum mechanics does as it seems to describe the same things newton and einstein were describing, but with more complexity. What this would lead to is that quantum mechanics is unnecessary since the physics we already have has already described some of what quantum physics has described with less complex assumptions, so we could Occam's Razor quantum physics out.

Another thing to this question is this: if it is so that quantum physics is describing things that physics as we have now is not, then why would it be necessary to have the wave function to describe those things when you could try to find something else that is more predictable and makes more deterministic assumptions to better describe it than the wave function can with it's random nature?

It's ok if you do not manage to answer all of these questions, and that's fine, but at least you have an idea of the problems I think I'm seeing with quantum physics. It isn't that I think you are right or wrong, it's just I'm starting to get this sense of quantum physics being a deck of cards waiting to be toppled.

ACAB says:

Actually the atoms bump into onw another that's the wave and therefore how sound travels.

gaurav proton says:

so Schrödinger cat theory and Heisenberg uncertainty principle are same??


This why people become flat earthers. It's much more simple and just call space fake LOL.

Adam says:

Poor or outdated information on several points.

Ed Holohan says:

He seems very uncertain about his principles.

russ117044 says:

Explain this to me like I am an a hole: Photons can travel the speed of light. Photons have no mass. So how does gravity affect them in "gravotomic lensing" during a solar eclipse?

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