I Won An Award at a Furry Film Festival

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Thank you Anthronational Film Festival for the award. Y’all are kool as heck. See you at ANW 2019! :3

Last Year’s Video: https://youtu.be/TkX9u0Ivh5A


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Intro Animation by: Adler the Eagle

Outro Animation by: Inky Pine

Featured Artist: Riley Coyote


Video Editor: Me!! 🙂


Music Credits: “Hip Shop” by Toby Fox


Special Thanks to: Milkshake, Brian Murphy, Tatanka Winterheart, Eamon Risten, Kalenden, Christopher, Dainamo, Tyler Furlong, Dusty Husky, Lionel Martinez, ShadowGohan, Aitrus Otter, Christoffer Gotfredsen, Mike Teufel, Jbowser45, Suffix Tree, Wolpy, Fenriswolf Aether, Data the fox, Cody Wolf, Jake doberman, Rico Husky, Pyper Weasel, Steaminhusky, Jack The Cat, SilverHuskyGamer, Cloud Dasher, Saber Slate, Dark Spawn Wolf, CrooShy, Chris Capps, Jesse, nobody important, & Ben

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If you read this, comment: “i was busy thinkin’ about fursuits”


Blaze The Wolf says:

I really enjoy your content majira and congrats on the reward and you're so adorable

Gun Bunny says:

You're my furry hero! 🙂

Fireking492/BlazeWarriorWolf says:

"It's April already" such a big mood

Oakisap says:

Like to UwU

Erikjmedmrjdjjdjfjddjdikda Hernandez says:

Congrats, AND THEY SAID GAMERS WERE "COOL". best fur ever

Edit: the award looks like a nemmy or Oscar.

Bandit Raccoon says:

Hoping for you to get a werewolf boyfriend! ^_^

DemonShadowWolf Art says:

Great job majira

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