The World's Most Extreme Fishermen – River Monsters

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Jeremy visits one of the most powerful and dangerous rivers in the world, and meets the men who risk their lives to fish in it.

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E†YΔE says:

This is fake, how did not get trapped in the net with such giant balls

Tides says:

i wonder if that man is still alive today

Fishing The PNW says:

And I thought catching a 20 inch trout in windy conditions with my fly rod was extreme…

is_kool boi says:

F in the chat

Zach Guy says:

That would make him a legendary fisherman.

Logan Mcneely says:

The guy with the pink shorts.. his feet look like Yeezys

LarryLikesDairy says:

Brazzaville More like Brazzervile 😉

Za ko says:

People giving props to that man.
But the real MVP is the Cameraman in the water filming

Zachary Brinson says:

I thought this was a meme video with an African man instead of a fish

Marit Seim Ekeland says:

How Can he swim with those steel balls weighing him down?

road to 500 subscribers without video says:

It makes him a suicidal fisherman

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