"I'm coming back" | Farage adresses EU Parliament

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NIGEL Farage is returning to frontline politics in a new political guise called The Brexit Party.

He is on a mission to rectify what he sees as the ‘establishment’s failure to deliver Brexit.

The Brexit Party is a new right-wing party with a populist outlook.

In a Twitter message it said: “The establishment have failed us. They are not up to the job of delivering Brexit. We need new leaders who can lead us out of the EU.”

Farage said: “I said in 2013 that Ukip was going to cause an earthquake in British politics and I think we can safely say we did that.

“The ambition now is to cause a revolution in British politics – and to end the two-party structure as it is, it’s just not working…”

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New Brexit delay is the final confirmation of Theresa May’s failure as a Prime Minister:

Theresa May faces Brexit delay until HALLOWEEN as EU leaders humiliate her with demands:

Nigel Farage says his new Brexit Party will unleash political revolution and terrify Tories at the European Elections:

New pro-Brexit party backed by Nigel Farage racks up £1m in funds and has 200 candidates:

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage pictured smiling together after secret face-to-face Brexit meeting in Washington:

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Luke To says:

A true British hero

aj ahern says:

Do as say and not as I do!

aj ahern says:

The only decision that has to be made is that British people make the right decision and live ireland if they do that it's out off the Eu no problems .end off problems for the British people it's costing 10billion a year to run The North off ireland. The DUP where against the GFA at all costs it's no to the backstop it's out off the Eu against the will off the people ! What is the difference between the Ukraine crimire do Russian own crimire?

L Mc says:

Nigel Farage keeps hitting them out of the park! I never tire of listening to his logical, lucid, uplifting spirit.
His delivery is masterful speech making with memorable phrases to carry on the political revolution he wants.
He IS a return to the old time democratic English Parliamentarian first seen 312 years ago.
Godspeed Mr. Farage, the man who SHOULD be the next British prime minister!

mike jones says:


healthyamerican says:

if america survived 8 years of barack obama as president and hillary clinton as secretary of state, then britain will survive their brexit pangs

phil driver says:

this man for prime minister . we all hated margaret thatcher , but so did the eu . she was totally anti eu .

J Pedro says:

I’d love to punch him. Anyone else thought about thag

Marc Hale says:

Nigel NEEDS to be, I repeat, NEEDS to be PM

Claire H says:

By coming back you mean his usual trick of getting paid well as MEP but only turning up to 1 of 40 meetings. He loves to argue/wind people up. The EU is well run & democratic. So he plays games. Him & Mogg have already made millions via brexit in offshore companies/accounts. He plays local down to earth working lad, but he's far from it.

zondaintheair says:

2040 edition of Hanzard has a special edition for publication on the decline of the three major Political Parties and the part they played in trying to end democracy in the UK. Many MP's had to resign for the part they played in the corruption. Britain has now left the EU and the new Parties do not want to return to those dark corrupt times.

dennytango says:

you will be getting my vote at the next general election nigel if i could vote a million times i would come on every one next general election lets get this betrayal conservative party and labour out….

namesurname86 says:

Big charlatan, he will be in a dark page of United kingdom history!

Lone Wolf says:

Precise, affective, brave yet extremely strong talk Mr. Farage, God Bless.

Chasing Unicorns says:

So, the man asking us to leave the EU is now asking us to vote him for the next EU elections. Let that sink in…

Gary Groombridge says:

As always an astounding speech by SIR Nigel Farage. I will join and donate my £25 to the Brexit party and I hope millions of us do. Together we can destroy the vermin that is labour and conservative parties.

Andy Green says:

Interesting that only his fellow rebels clap! Everyone else knows he’s hitler!

Andy Green says:

Why is this idiot allowed to rant like this. He does not represent my attitude to being British and unfortunately only a minority I think for sure.

Derek Whyle says:

Denis Nash. That’s why you’re a plumber

Oman hamad says:

Farage is a warrior. I support him

Boom Shank says:

If he hates the EU so much why does he stand in EU parliament and take the salary with it

Dandy1 Dandy1 says:

Political games have long since been backed up by the gutter press on which the masses of people have nodded. Whilst what nigel farage says is fallible, I do wonder why he's been missing for the two years. Politicians seem to go missing quite easily. Interesting how his private company has flourished in the period. I would have no qualm if a politician capped their own income and became more contributing than side flushing money. We seem to be bereft of decent mp's.

Anders _ says:

Shut up you old hag

Doug Scott says:

I can't believe remainers WANT to be governed by bureaucrats that are not accountable to anyone. They WANT to be ruled by the fascist state that is the EU (Led by the Fourth Reich) – Stop messing about U.K. Get out while you can!

Robin Hood says:

Nigel Farage and Brexit Party are the best hope for British Politics.
It’s hard to see how Conservative and Labour can regain any credibility after the disgraceful way they treated general public over Brexit.

Mollie says:

I'm still outraged that Brexit is now on my birthday in October ngl. Let's hope the evil spirits come out to haunt these silly politicians for not delivering Brexit.

Peter Gordon says:

We, the British, can never again after this blow to democracy, lecture any of the worlds despots on the benefits of DEMOCRACY and why they too should embrace democracy.

McKenna James says:

Who is Hot Guy behind him and on the right?

justpiotrek says:

UK don't want to be in EU… EU don't want UK to be in EU… Let them go and everybody will be happy… How much can they embarrass themselves…

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