‘Fort Trump’: Poland ready for US military base

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Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the plan to establish a permanent US military base in Poland. He argues that the justification for the expensive and provocative plan is “based on a fallacy” and that Russia is not a threat to Poland. They also discuss problems in the Mueller investigation that damaged the value of its conclusions.

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figofagonagoitis says:

I have nothing against regular american people, but put this f’ing Fort Dump into your jewish arse together with this s447 (un)just act.

Kasper says:

Typical Russian propaganda…. you guys should quit this job and go find some real one.

Ian Dowdall says:

If they dont like american aggressions, they shouldnt put thier country so close to american millitary bases.


ever talk to polish people in private and not the fake ones on TV, they dont want this at all.

harriet says:

Muller report showed George papadopolous working as a ISRAELI AGENT which MSM will never mention… shocker. Using Russia to cover up Israeli meddling as usual watch al Jazeera Israeli lobbying us documentary which was BANNED in America it's on Ryan dawson channel.

The White Eagle says:

As a polish person I don’t support this one bit there should at least be a referendum of what polish people think of this and whether there should be a base or not

Rupert 201 says:

What a beautiful fake news. Television financed by Putin. The military presence in Poland is to be increased, but there will not be a large base called Fort Trump. Poland is in NATO, and that is in our interest. So Russian trolls, screw it up.

MarkFaust says:

1:52 "I'm glad you brought that up. Because the teleprompter told you to say it and my script was written that you would say it and here is the answer that you already know is coming. By the way, I'm in the same building as you in the room next door."

Gabor Vadask says:

Yeah well …. Guess Poles just can't get over being mass murdered and overrun by Russia ……

J USSC says:

Wait, thought Trump was an agent for Putin…….

Bialy3 Nemrodxxx says:

Regular polish people don't want this base in our country, this is pure politics.Nothing good will come out of this.

Popek Misak says:

Poland must be protected from Jewtin and his gang ofJudeo-Bolsheviks

Free Dumb says:

No hope for Polak, there never was.

grimm reaper says:

US is like your mother in law. once she moves in. don't expect her to move out. you can ask the Japanese, the germans, the south koreans. pity the poles, the Brazilians and Colombians, vassal states all. LOL

Krzysztof Sam says:

IF u think its Poland u Wrong !!U stupid fuk in Poland masters are Habat lubawitz like in ukraine noobady took abut this even Russia .Who atack Poland like usa whit jewish lobby act 447.Fukin bitches

makeouthill says:

Poland is pathetic

h h says:

IS POLAND TAXES PAYING FOR THAT MILITARY BASE, if so, that's is fine, they can pay USA for protection 100 billion annually is the FEE.

ABC 123 says:

Are polish responsible of the Ashkenazi Zionists?

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