Kim Jong Un to meet Vladimir Putin in snub to USA

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North Korea has announced a summit with the Russian president after refusing to hold any more talks with America’s secretary of state.

Just hours after Kim Jong Un watched his country’s latest missile test he called for Mike Pompeo to be replaced by someone “more mature” and put a date in the diary with Vladimir Putin.

Sky’s foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes reports and a warning there’s some flash photography coming up.

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Monk says:

Who cares who he visits none of anyone's business i don't blame him probably sick of dealing with lying American trash

Collin Hennessy says:

How is this a snub? Putin doesn't want nukes on the Korean peninsula either, unless they're firmly under the control of the Russian military. NK shares a border with Russia, and Russia has always been one of it's biggest trading partners. This is about as unremarkable of an event as Justin Trudeau meeting with Donald Trump. Can't the media stop trying to sensationalize everything.

Sponge says:

This comical country is annoying, turn it to glass.

Joo Wee says:

Kim Jong Un looks like he eats all of his peoples food. He’s only going to figure out what vodka tastes like

Michael Walker The Vintage Vocalist says:

Your Rothchilds are going down. Morgan chase. Kissenger, all are going down. Must make a Positive hit, after Assange, tells the Truth.!!! Full Speed Ahead.

Paul Hosken says:

Excellent show trump who's boss

Andrew B says:

NK was never going to disarm. Waste of time F them

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