Fareed: Putin speaks… in English?

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Fareed Zakaria takes a look at a video of Putin speaking English. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/


William Huggler says:

He Sounds like Jackie chan

Arjun Singh says:

Putin is a freak

Steve Koller says:

Behold, the voice of God

kanyamagara abdallah says:

Zacharia merci pour ton emission.

Daniel Janečka says:

ffs, Fareed, how about letting us hear what we came here to hear instead of making us listen to something we don't give a rat's ass about?

blackened soul of rot says:

So Putin speaks Russian english and german, any others?

Ceasar Gamotin says:

He speaks English more fluently than my English Teachers!

Adam Dergham says:

Wow Putin speaks English so good he has a very good accent

Crystal Yeow Ching Ching says:


The Tik says:

1k NATO and Zionist butthurt

Rumm Humms says:

This may not be real

Hans Janetzke says:

his German is even better never mind his Russian

Daniel Fite says:

He’s said “so the Jews have a problem with finances?” in Hebrew before , the man is a savage

RIley playz says:

Is it just me or should Putin make a you tube channel of the crazy things he does lol

Syed Muhammad Mannan Tariq says:

To be honest , i want to see world expo in russia , im from Pakistan , i love russian people , USA is totally over hyped but i see russia is way much better than US , lets see what russian product look like cus i think russian product are way much better than the US!

Subhrajyoti Dey says:


Z. Kommer says:

CNN…what a miserable bunch of idiots..even in 2013.

D Madd11 says:

++"Hey cnn, you got some news for me?"
=="yeah we got a clip of vlad speaking english"
++"can i see it"
==sure, but we're going to chop it up and talk over it"
++"thanks cnn, you're the best news a man can get.."

i have to go puke now

Veljko Celap says:

When people dislike someone for some reason (because people don't understand others)
If Mr. Putin is weak president if he let others country play with him then he will be Ok, right right!!!
Now most European people specially Slavic people speaks two or three languages, if you think those people are dome you wrong!!!!!

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