Daisy – Recovery from IVDD with Accupuncture

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5YO FS Dachund – Recovered from IVDD and paralysis with accupuncture.


Claude Emond says:

How is Daisy doing these days? Any new videos? I am the 2 and a half weeks stage after injury. Rusty is a 5 year old miniature dachshund The vet graded him as a 4 on the IVDD scale. He has had 3 acupuncture treatments so far. Still not using his back legs but keeping my hopes up for recovery.

Cody Mintz-Thibault says:

We're in the very beginning stages of this. Our puppy, Monty, has been having problems since Monday, and we've just now realized what it possibly is. He's going to the Dr. first thing in morning. Can you tell me what this costs? I'm so afraid we're going to lose him.

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