This Smartphone Changes Everything…

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The Oppo Find X may be our best glimpse into our collective smartphone future. Smartphones are set to become completely bezel-less and the Oppo Find X is …


Unbox Therapy says:

What is your next smartphone?

Cj Axiel Yangson says:

like the oppo a3s

Cj Axiel Yangson says:

i wish the oppo find x has 4230 mAh battery

Frogleapshop Seller says:

9 months later, nothing changed…

WeAreLegion says:

Made it 36 seconds in before I just wanted to shoot you in the face…new record, my therapist will be pleased.

Zenosage Gaming says:

These brands are the future.

Yela says:

2:07 I repeated it 10x

I can only change my name after 90 days says:

Notch: am I a joke to you

Me: yea

fooble berry says:

apple has left the chat.

Otisa Weekes says:

Unbox the vmobile s9

AAG 23 says:

I thought it was the A80

ZacharyPlayz says:

0:40 video starts

ZacharyPlayz says:

Just get to tha point.

Chris Kinzer says:

they forgot the case

FBI Is here says:

every phone changes EvErYyThiNg if you iudge it

Daniel Deng says:

Oppo is a Chinese brand. Also pocophone F1 and one plus is a Chinese brand

R4Z3 INB14Z3 says:

"Rip X"

AndyN Gaming says:

3:40 Error 404

seppgamess says:

Its so ugly

Lil Limey says:

U cant find x.

Hes dead

That One Guy In The Corner Store says:

Although it's nice it's not too durable

2mch H0N3STY says:

Please review Huawei's p30


Your videos change everything

spiders adidas says:

It's not amazing

vamsy says:

Dont scare me with your thumbnail pic

i lab u says:

In da philippines in the black market the oppo find X has a fingerprint

Chicken Joe says:

Fingerprint scanner: I have a fail rate 1 in 50000

little bit of sweat on my finger: hold my beer

LoOoKSY says:

Deal with Samsung with screens then U will introduce a perfect phone . Like apple

leaugeoffunny says:

Huawei p30 pro changes everything

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