How to make a graphic design portfolio with no work experience? — Q&A

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Some of you asked me graphic design questions on my instagram and I’ve answered some of them here.

I’m back i guess?


Gabriel Susan Lewis says:

He makes it look so easy! This video made me wanna buy a sketch book, and I know damn well I ain't artist enough to deserve a sketch book lmao

Melissa Hemsworth says:

I like your style

Piolinesunakk says:

I used to draw like this but they label me as effortless 'doodler' >:/ so I put so much detail is gross but now i can make it much simple when I want >:D

peanut's daisy says:

Your work seems so effortless but seriously it’s so hard to do. Trying to be simple is hard for me too 🙁

Nichole Williams says:

These perfect lines and circles are oddly satisfying

stone swamp says:

Hey where did you buy your over shirt from?

Aaron Vasquez says:

I’ve never seen a art style like that before

ShrilX says:

this is actually really good no joke

Because.I.Cannot says:

this is so helpful for my GCSE graphics projects!! thank you x

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen says:

what marker do you use?

Darshan says:

Really… i Like your art

Hannah Mariden says:


Rising Stars says:

your voice is nice

흥어쩌나 says:

Everything about this video gives me anxiety lol
Although it’s so aesthetic and your voice is very soothing 🙂

Ивриг Чшеславски says:

Too much ugly characers drew there

duckgirly 10 says:

Please can somebody help me with what art shops to go to because the only one I can find is hobbycraft (in England)

yashveer Wassan says:

Damn, he can color in the lines.

Jarbas Matheus says:

came for the theme. subscribed for the handsomeness.

OfficialDr3am5tep says:

Dang dude, I have to make rough sketches before I even begin to draw poses like you're making, let alone draw them completely freehand without any revisions or rough sketches whatsoever :O

iqlimagaury zahwa says:

you make drawing looks easy -_-

Kirstin says:

Episode 00011 of why the fuck is this in my recommendation

Karina Fabian says:


fairy jimin says:

You look just like Nev from Catfish

Paul housbey Art says:

What was the sketchbook that was used in this video?☺️

Citi Blank says:

The way he draws reminds me of the mattress company art I used to see in the train it was an add I forgot what the company was called

Naruto Uzumaki says:

THis was, calm, great, clean, maybe repetitive… but also working 🙂

Tntosion says:

I can’t determine if this was suppose to be a serious video or an April fools video

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