Best Gaming Phone: Top 10 Android Phones for Gamers 2018

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What makes a great gaming phone? If you’re a gamer, what phone should you get? The best gaming phone is a mixture of many elements: high end flagship performance for pushing the highest quality graphics, big vibrant display to take in all the action, excellent stereo speakers for thumping sound, large battery for prolonged gaming sessions, an attractive design would be nice too, and of course a reasonable price tag. Taking all these into consideration we’ve listed our top picks for the top 10 best Android gaming phones you can buy in 2018. What’s your top pick?

It’s a difficult choice, with dedicated gaming phones such as the Xiaomi Black Shark Helo, the Asus Rog Phone, and the Razer Phone 2 with features like 10GB RAM or 120Hz displays, or more mainstream devices like the Note9 or Pocophone F1 which have plenty of power to play the latest games while being more affordable (Poco F1) or having other unique features not specific for gamers (eg stylus) while still looking like normal phones.

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Nubia Red Magic
Xiaomi Mi 8
OnePlus 6
Samsung Galaxy Note9
Huawei Mate 20 X
Xiaomi Pocophone F1
Xiaomi Black Shark
Asus ROG Phone
Xiaomi Black Shark Helo
Razer Phone 2


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Rayyan Mansur says:

Which are 120hz among these

Amit kumar says:

Pubg pro like here

Real Gamer Of Life says:

Bri,where is black shark 2

Kido Zen says:

8:22 i can buy this phone because my dad is veerryy rich now i have 4 hp and 3 Pc it is present from my father and im gonna buy the razer phone woohooo!!!

vambiy says:

Nubia is gooood ._.

Valentine Faith says:

Cough cough Black shark 2 cough cough

Shiñ Kishimoto says:

One Plus 6
= 7

Dahryl Singco says:

Are the battery all built in? Or there's on the list that don't have a built in battery?

aLvin87 ِ ِ says:

ROG phone should be the no. 1 on the list.
2nd is black shark
3rd is razer phone

Dalmacio Birot says:

What's title of music

Udang Rebus says:

Where asus zenfone 5z ? I think its more better than poco f1.

jilkojilko says:

Please someone name the song that plays with the Razer phone 2

Kevin Kraken says:

Where is specs???

Fauzi Ramlan says:

Brazzer should nom 1 not Razer

jefferson postrero says:

asus ROG phone is the best gaming phone!

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