The Deadly Crisis Facing Bl@ck Women According to the Huffington Post

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Tsuki Tsuki says:

Women should be mailed for placing FALSE charges on a man because you can't get your way. When a Victim needs helps, the first thing they feel she is not telling the truth. I'm a black woman. And men need to sue women who make FALSE charges.

Brent Ethun Jr. says:

No REAL woman is going to want to be with a bad boy, they may want to fuck you, but they are not gonna want to really be with you, woman fuck bad boys but they marry us good guys,

CORY phelps says:

I really like the way you cover controversial subjects I was hoping you could look up a video by Carol Rhodes called Friend of the Court enemy of the family and then do a video on that if you would please seems like you're the only guy that might have enough balls to talk about it cuz nobody else will except for me thank you love your work

WeMi Ci says:

Omfg my ex was/is a good guy and grew up in the hood, in his senior HS year he found out that he had a half sister (same dad) that lived a block away. That’s sick. He could’ve slept with his own sister unknowingly.

WeMi Ci says:

Wait a minute, of course child abusers in the black population would be the women, aren’t the men primarily not in the house?
I live in a majority minority neighborhood, but raised in the suburbs. It is so weird to see black women abusing their kids in the public outside their homes. Smacking, hitting them in the head, sweating and threat of violence, dragging them by the upper arm looking like the arm is about to be dislocated. I can’t call the cops cause it’s pointless. I don’t understand why this happens. I have read two articles written by two different black women that were opinion pieces trying to tell black women to stop beating their kids. Beating your kids makes them violent.

d campbell says:

Doesn't this ugly racist have anything better to do with his life.

0121 says:

they date men that remind them of there mothers..most dnt know there dad.

Case Dismissed Guaranteed says:

Run from black women!!!

Tony says:

This points out why so many black women go after Tommy Sotomayor , Tommy calls a spade a spade and they don't like it . But you also have the feminised male cucks going after Tommy as well because their mamma tells them to

Chloe7 Seven says:

Condoms and the pill are so so easily to get hold of. WHY are they ignoring this.

theallseeingmaster says:

My late wife taught 'anger management', in a NYS prison, to the most violent males imaginable; she told me that it never works.

macmanhot100 says:

She was 13 and he was 17……where the fuck was her 44 year old mother? But somehow a man will get blamed for this $#@!* these black mothers let their daughters be fast because the mother ain't $#@!

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