Markets Work! Huffington Post Opinion Edition

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Layoffs at HuffPost & Buzzfeed demonstrate that markets work.



Michael Hensley says:

Maybe the Huff Post should have paid more attention to the data, like fewer and fewer women are buying into 3rd wave feminism (the one hijacked by red haired, man hating, lesbians), and less attention to their personal opinions (OP EDs).

Mathieu L says:

You and Stefen Molyneux have the same intro

Anthony Marvin says:

Chloe Angyl's face just embodies 'crazy eyes.'

Jester Realm says:

Learn to code, Chloe.

Sacto1654 says:

These laid off people demonstrate so clearly why Donald Trump's description of the Establishment Media as fake news sticks to the Establishment Media like SuperGlue….

Crypto Music says:

That was fun.

Bacon&Egg Burger says:

"Ooh,yes please!"…lol

Takumori says:

"more red flags than a Soviet military parade" I am dead that caught me off guard lmfao funny af

Demo Bot says:

They call themselves 'journalists' but are incapable of staying objective and writing articles based on facts and what actually occurs. That is the problem with Journalism and half a dozen other career activities these days, a bunch of fakes usurping roles they are light years away from being capable of representing. We've all seen it: the dumb broad who plays at being a 'fireman' and breaks a foot getting down the firetruck, the pencil-pushing idiot whose job it is to deliver you a document dully filled out and signed but doesn't know where it is or what it looks like, the insane, senile, evil whore who thought she could be president while she failed miserably at being a Secretary of State, the moran whose only job it is to push a cable of fiber optics into a sleeve but doesn't think to use lube, or push, for that matter… People in places of work who have no business being in the positions they're in because a friend, acquintance or family member hooked them up and got them in even knowing they would not fulfill their job description.
That's why the world is so fucked up.

Omar .Posadas says:

I did a podcast episode on this. I feel like huffpost and buzzfeed might go in a different direction

Talic TDF says:

7:12 "PhD in romantic comedies" FACEPALM
If this was 30-40 years ago she would've gone homeless and died from exposure because she's so useless nobody would ever hire her… people forget just how good and easy they have it nowadays, just imagine what would happen to everyone with a gender studies "degree" if a huge recession was to hit the world tomorrow.. what a sad statistic that would be

Fabian Henrich says:

Thats the start of a sinking civilasation, when the people are so decadent and dealing with made up problems and tolerance is more important than everything. It happened in Rome, Egypt or Maya. When empires are fat and lazy, someday reality will catch them.

scott left says:

That meme, the one in the click spot…is ruining the credibility of those who use it..

Rei says:

As the ancient Hawaiians once said: Get woke, get broke.

Tullius Agrippa says:

The only reason I hate women is because of women like Chloe Angel.

Ash Newman says:

The 'campus rape' hype suggests that the males on campus today are 1/ heterosexual and 2/ have sufficient testosterone to get it up. I have serious doubts on both counts.

ProfessorFATE says:

"This happens on the Chess team" at 4:30
Are you f%$kin kidding me. Those bullies are always known for their steroid induced rage, performance enhancing drug culture. Call it out for what it is ……..

14598175 says:

How did anyone think that peddling hate, anti-white racism, fake-outrage, and endless diaries from the mentally insane would ever be profitable? Still, we're moving ever closer to that day when Brawndo will irrigate the crops.

Dervaretyndigtland says:

No, Chloe, this culture does not hate women. It just hates you!

Haha Hehe says:

arrogant lying Chloe. Society DOES NOT HATE WOMEN just SICK lying EVIL people like you. THE WORLD LOVES WOMEN, most people “worship” their mothers, adore their sisters, cherish their wives, admire female achievements thru hardwork. Men & Women, Young and Old, we hate Slimy lying divisive freeloaders coming in to fleece the community

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