Donald Trump Floats Pardon For DHS Appointee To Follow His Order | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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Trump’s latest threat on immigration is to pressure authorities into releasing migrant detainees into “sanctuary cities”. This is seen by many as an attempt to punish Democrats, and with officials in Trump’s own administration saying that the policy idea was “so illegal”, it was ultimately dropped. Trump also reportedly told the man who would become Acting DHS Secretary to close the border, and that he would pardon him if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law. Ari Melber discusses Trump’s latest attack on immigration and points out how pardons are for criminals.
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Donald Trump Floats Pardon For DHS Appointee To Follow His Order | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


mark prater says:

Trump then: "I will be the LAW AND ORDER President!"
Trump now: "We have the worst laws in the world".
So now he is the OUTLAW AND DISORDER President. And the GOP remains embarrassingly silent.

Dave Murphy says:

Hey Kevin, i'd get that offer in writing, because you know Trump's a coward who forgets anything he say's that backfires.

Angel Canela hernandez says:

Soy mexicano y donal trump es un poco malo donal trump tu puedes cambiar

Nanny says:

I LIKE this judge!!

Eric says:

According to trump, America has the worse laws in the world, it has the balance of payments, previous presidents were the worst, the migrants are the worst. Just about everything in America is the worst according to trump. ……. Clearly the present President is the worst.

Trump is just the first to break convention, if nothing is done with the constitution there will be more and they will worse. If not America will self destruct.

Julie Henderson says:

Values of founding fathers: no rights for women, children, people of color.

Julie Henderson says:

He will "drop off" immigrant refugees to cities that he has cut funding.

Julie Henderson says:

Trump has all "Actings", he thinks this is entertainment; not running a country.

Julie Henderson says:

Barr should be removed as well as all other Trump appointees.

Paul Belardo says:

How is conspiracy theory MSNBC treating you morons? Call you will have your brainwashing appointment scheduled this week lol Ari I thought I told you to go hang yourself

Nancy Loomis says:

Yes, but if he keeps brazenly breaking the law, won’t the Republicans be FORCED to do SOMETHING to stop him? Isn’t there a breaking point here?


LOL Trump is Dr Evil!

Wendy Rowland says:

California, New York, Chicago are the most Corrupt states, no you wont do well!!!!

Jordan Marlin says:

Moronald and his trumpanzees and the republiCONS are the biggest threat to democracy. He is a criminal racist bigot adulterer and yet they back him. Wonder if the republiCONS are corrupt? Wonder no more.

jmtnvalley says:

When you have McConnell changing the rules to rubber stamp Trump's appointees we find ourselves with a Senate, through McConnell, that hates the average American citizen.

Lunar Sovereign says:

Ok, so when do we admit that he has violated his oath to protect and defend the constitution and give him the boot?

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