The Trixie Virus (The Crazies Explored)

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Trixie, is a fictitious virus that was featured in both the 1973 Film “the crazies” Directed by George A Romero, the Godfather of Horror, and the 2010 remake, starring Timothy Olyphant.

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Connor Phebus says:

I got a virus from a girl named Trixie down at a trailer park few years ago.

REALResident Gamer says:

Silly rabbit
Trixie is for kids


Is this what the Ganados from Resident Evil 4 were based off of?

Mr Satan says:

I prefer the remake

Volker H says:

man this is disappointing, I really thought this was an original idea, but its just another one of a long list of remakes, just because they got no more ideas left. 2010 version, how come the first is the towns local drunk, isn't he the one most likely not to drink water?

Chris Williams says:

Speaking of soldiers being morons Rourke's troops are also the oppressor types as well

Aiden Frost says:

I love the remake I never seen the original

Chuck Jones says:

Then end nuke is the best part of the second crazies.
Don lie

Chuck Jones says:

This is the 666th comment

Despacito Chapter 7 says:

On every zombie/virus outbreak movies there's always a black policeman that dies

Seto Lucifer says:

Bet you someone named the virus after their ex-wife.

Toxicmatrix says:

Don't forget, Radha Mitchell is essentially the queen of sci-fi movies. She is fucking amazing as a support/main character.

Jess H. says:

The bearded guy in this movie is the same doctor guy from dawn of the dead, he just had a eye patch haha.

Aisha Bae says:

Do dead space

Consequence No. 62 says:

Sounds like the virus from RE7

Draco007 says:

When I try to crochet and people keep interrupting me I feel like to old lady who stabs the military

cementium says:

reminds me of the comics series Crossed

Whack says:

Excuse me but that is Danny Cordray

Goddess V says:

Silly rabbit trix are for kids

Toxic Jake says:

The great and powerful trixie!!

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