Why Use Free Software?

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Booming says:

Free Software makes things easier. Community projects do code cleaner. If it is open, you will be judged by the code you make. That puts a stress on quality. And honesty: I want to work with clean code. If it is not clean, I dont want to use it.

Duc Hieu Nguyen says:

how do you organize your papers and various pdf files? are you using some tagging program like calibre?

yeastiality says:

think ahead like a hundred years.. free software is basically guaranteed to outlive every proprietary thing that's going to come and go between now and then
not just the concept either – the programs, the architecture styles and philosophies (unix tools)

proprietary shit is always going to be "using" the free stuff (like macos being 'based on unix', 'microsoft <3 linux' bs, everything running on linux infrastructure..)

proprietary shit is always going to be completely opaque and incomprehensible unless you take some stupid gatekeeping course like MCSE

long after san francisco falls into the ocean, people are gonna be ricing a future tiled window manager while the latest windows desktop still doesn't centre taskbar icons and shit

tearinox says:

Trying to explain why free as in freedom software is important to normies is like talking to a brick wall. I find they often just don't get it.

JohnHolmestheSecond says:

"I use free software because it's Better"

brb getting a tattoo

T D says:

I use FOSS/open software/Linux or whatever you may want to call it because it gives the little guy the power, as opposed to someone else (be it a corporation or an individual) to call the shots. That's the bottom line for me.

J.P. Silva says:

Tin foil hats:
Luke: It's is soooo easy to write software that exploits people/

cia tronic says:

honestly i dont like the fsf, Open Source is great, but copyleft licenses aren't helping

Zellonous says:

I support both definitions of free. You don't save money by spending it on overpriced shit. "the best things in life are free". That works here. Some of the best programs out there are free as in beer not just Libre. (why beer? Never got that one. )

Wil T says:

My biggest gripe with windows is there are lots of things that you can't do via the command line and it pushes GUI first. What this ends up doing is making some cases require UI automation to automate it, which if you have ever done is really error-prone.

Mikah Hortler says:

Imagine putting another man's binary on your system and being arbitrary prevented from modifying the program for no reason other than he said so.
You'd be that guy's bitch if you did something like that.

Andreas Björkman says:

Ideologically I like FOSS, but in the real world sometimes you don't have a choice.

For example: I need to do some task X and the binary nvidia driver provides the performance or feature Y needed to do this task, where as the FOSS driver cannot.

"FOSS is better" just isn't always true, either because of complexity, manpower, or interest in developing it.

ACORAD says:

I use Linux on my laptop every day and it's the best UX i've had on a laptop. My problem is on desktop: i want EVERYTHING to render as smooth (144hz) as it does on Windows or MacOS. Are proprietary NVIDIA drivers to be blamed for it? That's the only thing holding me back, seriously.

Powerful Pinata says:

No power to change the software (Can't change stuff without source), and no power to prevent your system from being bugged (Win10, modern bios, chipset firmware, and binary blobs), and no control over the program if the company that makes it dies (Winamp), no right to copy said software (Windows/MacOS vs Linux).

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