The Top 10 Astronomical Discoveries of 2018

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Yes, a new video! Well, an old video actually; it was supposed to come out two months ago but if we could all pretend it’s January I would be very happy.


DeVon Taruex says:

You are weird. Subbed.

ximalas says:

I thought Creative Commons was independent and not related to the GNU project.

mountaingoat1003 says:

Not fair that this channel has so few subscribers and views while channels devoted to trivial bullshit are raking it in.

Peter Mortensen says:

Time posts:

01:25 : 10. Standing water on Mars

04:10 : 9. Oumuamua

<en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/%CA%BBOumuamua#Non-gravitational_acceleration>

08:25 : 8. Primordial titans – Hyperion proto-supercluster

en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Hyperion_proto-supercluster

09:13 : Reference to the total perspective vortex (HHGTTG)

15:22 : 7. Life is strange

21:11 : 6. What are little planets made of?

24:02 : 5. Life – do we know it?

27:32 : 4. Mooning

31:48 : 3. Our home gets bigger

37:21 : 2. Unsacred cows

44:04 : 1. Barnard's Star b (GJ 699 b), en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Barnard%27s_Star_b

Actually, CI Tauri b,

en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/CI_Tauri#CI_Tauri_b

And TRAPPIST-1, en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/TRAPPIST-1

And 40 Eridani A, en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/40_Eridani#Planetary_system

Tuber Root says:

In attempting to explain Omuamua's acceleration it seems that the only physical force they were not prepared to examine was electrostatic force. Odd omission if you are examining every possibility.

Mark Garin says:

It can't be a sail…it wouldn't be able to move BETWEEN solar systems.

Chris Zimmerman says:

Oh it's on now no I get to throw some popcorn in the microwave for me some sweet tea kickback and watch some new content out by one of my favorite YouTubers

patlawless1960 says:

Excellent video!

altareggo says:

Our species may be tiny, but for all we know it may yet prove to be one of a VERY few organisms ever in the history of the universe, to develop a technological civilization capable of starting to understand the universe, and exploring at least a portion of it. So far we have ZERO indication to the contrary. While i do hope we encounter at least a couple of similar or preferably more advanced civilization, the way it looks now, we won't bump into very many of them!

Ferry Heerdink says:

Is a moon-moon even possible in theory? Other than a rock orbiting a moon but an actual body qualifying as a moon

Ernesto Lombardo says:

Watching your videos feels like witnessing the very front lines of astronomy history being written. With the arid abstracts digested and the bad journalism stripped away, what you leave here is a narrative that will still sound fresh 20, 50 years from now. To hear about people like Michel Mayor, Didier Quiloz and Jane Luu spoken about in the same context and way as Herschel and Hubble, Wilson and Penzias… it's a privilege to feel the way you make us feel, we are so lucky to have found your channel. And here's the thing: this content as you present it was not "inevitable" at this point in time, meaning that you are a special gift.

About the supernovae thingy: two different mechanisms leading to type-IIa but with identical spectral lines?

Paul Benjamin says:

31:00 please tell me that a troop is the proper word for a collection of telescopes. It just strikes me as the right word.

Eric Taylor says:

36:00 Are you old enough to remember John Denver?

Eric Taylor says:

29:30 "I don't have a leg to stand on." That is a hell of a thing to say to me. As an amputee, I am willing to bet, you gave more legs than I do.

Eric Taylor says:

29:00 Didn't you just say the universe is under no obligation to conform to your expectations?
The universe doesn't much care what you want or don't want. If the universe wants to make ants the size of cars, all I can say is, make sure they don't find any cans of ant spray in your house.

Eric Taylor says:

9:10 I wonder if we might not have noticed that we had all gone mad.

Turalcar says:

25:18 "…of RNA"
Image of DNA.

Peter Houle says:

nice metaphors!

michael lemay says:

Really cool video !! Loved it THANKS!!!

Jabran Ali Babry says:

Missed you, para, hope to see much more of you!

circuitsmith says:

Minor nitpick: the audio noise gate is too aggressive.

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