MATH Vocabulary – Mathematical Terms in English | Learn Math for Kids

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Learn Mathematical Terms in English with Picture:


Burak Daria says:

Thanks a lot for this video! It is very useful!

hãy những says:

7 E S L BOY no

Iraj Noormanesh says:

hello thank you very much god bless you

Aleks Oracle says:

Side in right triangle is not just a common "side", it is called "cathetus"

Suhua Wang says:


jalal bahonar says:

Thank you.
Your lessons are very well classified.

jose rosario says:

How about decimal point….

Taher elsayed says:

endeen great channel

koman Murad says:

really l can't thank you enough .

Mathematricks Zone says:

You can also watch “mathematricks zone” channel for more tricks in math

md saif says:

Ur channel is everything i need. I wish i found ur channel long time ago.

Said Fard says:

Really amazing great job I thank you for you effort.

No Or says:

Thank you from Algeria , hhh i am not a kid am a university student and you helped me a lot Sir thanks a lot


Now you are talking

Amira Rashad says:

Thank you very much this video really helped me in the math l'm in grade 5

K피오렌 says:

It's really useful.

Marcus Cactus says:

Is the accent more American than British ?

Susy Perez Galvez says:


Trung Việt Phạm says:

How about vector or matrix or function?

LuMoNoX says:

It’s two thousand one not two thousand “and” one because saying and means adding a decimal

Mônica Ferreira says:

Congratulations, Sir. You teach very, very well. That class about Mathematics is simple the best.

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