Take exclusive look inside Russia's Arctic military base

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The Kotelny base is one of three new Russian bases above the 75th parallel, part of a larger push by Russian President Vladimir Putin to flex his country’s military muscle across its massive Arctic coastline. CNN’s Fred Pleitgen takes an exclusive inside this new base designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures.


makeouthill says:

Canada should start building some too

Ogi Gligic says:

How CNN gets there?!

dominik cruz will dethrone conor says:

I don't if most people know this but russia is in the top 10 worst militaries most of there military technology and equipment are left over from the soviet era and there economy is steadily declining because the demand for oil is going down with electric car advancements.

Theater of the Absurd says:

They can strike any us city from there. Russia dont realize our culture and when they put boots on ground they gonna be surprised

unpaid troll says:

sources say these Russians colluded with Putin

Liban Warsame says:

The US has more than 800 military bases around the world. So there is no way it could be threatened by a Russian base within Russia.

Ayrav Zorom says:

Yes CNN, that’s what a great country is supposed to do, not like America starting wars across the globe. Bravo, Russia, keep it up!

Bambino Mustafe says:

It’s oil that’s why

Kev kev says:

USA is no longer a global power…Russia is the world global power

zeropoint says:

CNN is obsessed with Russia

Nice Pups says:

Ни хрена не понял, но было прикольно! :))

Saul Dean says:

Meanwhile trump is busy spewing lies on daily basis, a president that has substance with a good point of direction is very important.

Philipe Marchal says:

So, the russians built a base in russia…..wow.

Van Tran says:

War is inevitable because russia is too aggressive and bellicose nowadays

Big Baba says:

Can there ak 47 shot bolts in that fucking ice shit area ?’

Vlad Alexander says:

lol half of russia is closer to alaska then to moscow..

Drej Trovski says:

hahah! GO RUSSIA!

EKRX rseven says:

Russia never holds elections (we're talking about free and fair ones), so why we let it have nukes? ONLY democracies should have nukes. #FuckRussiaInTheAss

Glenn Kemp says:

…meanwhile in the post national state of Canada the government is playing dress up.

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