Russia's race to militarise the Arctic

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Russia has built nearly 500 military installations which it says is to protect oil and gas reserves that may become more accessible due to climate change.

One military base called Northern Clover can hold up to 250 military personnel and can be self-sufficient for up to a year.

Sky News’ Diana Magnay was invited by the Russian government to visit one to see whether or not the worry by NATO is warranted.

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timothy790110 says:

anyone else have a problem with sky news live just looping the same 5 second clip and then freezing?

394pjo says:

Interesting piece. A quick check of google maps reveals the startling fact that four fifths of all the land in the Arctic is part of Russia's territorial land mass. It seems they can do whatever they like in their own country.

Vladimir Rodionov says:

Russian army is made up of strong men, NATO is an army of women, homos and sissy transgenders.

sam able says:

Nice asnwer…''the weather''

alexxxth says:

Russian soldiers are more likely to be put behind computers and told to troll YouTube videos than to see any combat.

lumpfish99 says:

hate Russia folks….thats the message here……meanwhile israel continues its insult to humanity unabated……disgusting.

Colin Yuan says:

oh god, even UK has strategy in Arctic, maybe all countries on north hemisphere should also consider their Arctic Strategy, "Freedom of Navigation" would be a good excuse.

vincent mwahu says:

UK people are imperialistic just thinking of how to add another empire which they can control sorry guys the world moved from that along time ago keep NZ and Australia Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland will not become your empires

cheryl taylor says:

Daily does of SLY….Anti-Russian Propaganda…….What About NATO Militarizing the Arctic ?????…..Shhhhhh

populist revolt says:

Sky news is fake news

Dusty Roads Overland says:

They can do whatever they want on their land.

person unknown says:

GOD will humble these antagonists. bigots everywhere these days it seems.

nikesback says:

What are they defending against? Polar bears?

M P says:

…it’s in their territory.

Puppets & Traitors says:

Russia has England Panicking "Brexit or Else"

Ahmed Humayun Rasheed says:

Diana Magnay hot girl from CNN to sky

Junjur Akhman says:

UK is not an arctic country they need to limit their Buggery to the english channel

kenya catholic says:

Bunch of Thugs in the Kremlin making good TV for their dwindling and collapsing population

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