3 Ways How Blockchain Will Change Healthcare – The Medical Futurist

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Blockchain is the buzzword of the year, and as this new technology slowly matures, it seems clear that from banking to supply chain logistics, it is ready for disruption. And in healthcare in particular, there’s a massive opportunity for the blockchain revolution to disrupt and lead a digital transformation. From medical records to pharmaceutical supply chains, to smart contracts for payment distribution, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage this technology. Here are the three ways, how blockchain will change healthcare as we know it.

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Hema Gayatri says:

Global Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market is expected to reach $XX Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of XX% from $XX Billion in 2019 during 2019-2025.

Request a sample @ https://www.envisioninteligence.com/industry-report/global-blockchain-technology-in-healthcare-market/?utm_source=yt-hema

Nhật Linh Cao says:

yep blockchain technology has gradually simplified every issue all over the world. Solvecare is not an exception. It is a decentralized platform designed to cut down the associated costs and administrative processes as well as it can reduce regulatory hindrances and speed up payment processes to healthcare provider on a global level. Furthermore, it was a good project with 30 million dollars by report of Wikipedia and had a lifetime partnership with Arizona Care Network – an USA reliable organization in healthcare industry. Therefore, the future of Solvecare will be promising to solve the issues about healthcare services arround the world.

Tâm Giang says:

Awesome video, guys! And it's not the opportunity but become the reality now. Solve.care – a decentralized healthcare platform has developed a new blockchain just for healthcare to improve the patient experience, all well helping to reduce the cost within the system and also relieve the administrative burden in healthcare.
By using blockchain, the healthcare industry will never be the same. Solve.care still have a long way to go. Hope they one day come to my place.

Michael Davis says:

I am starting to be bothered by the term disruptive technology, it has, to me negative connotations. Can we think of a better term that would imply that <name your tech here> is going to improve things? How about enlightened technology?

interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
"a rail strike that could disrupt both passenger and freight service"
synonyms: throw into confusion, throw into disorder, throw into disarray, cause confusion/turmoil in, play havoc with; More
drastically alter or destroy the structure of (something).
"alcohol can disrupt the chromosomes of an unfertilized egg"
synonyms: distort, damage, buckle, warp; More

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