Russia’s Vladimir Putin is using Venezuela as a bargaining chip: K.T. McFarland

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Former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump K.T. McFarland discusses how the U.S. should approach Russia who reportedly is sending troops to Venezuela.


Frerot Saint Jour says:

You just a reporter who you think you are

oneoctavelow says:

Thank God for the Russians

oneoctavelow says:

A new low in US propaganda.

caribbeanchild says:

Girl….. you don't have a clue! There's no way the US will take on both China and Russia. Why do you keep leaving China out of the equation? It seems you don't want the people to know that it's a hopeless case for the US?

U.P. dan says:

What at bunch of b.s. If we have bases everywhere it only stands to reason every country can have bases everywhere. Besides that, it's said that Lichtenstein has made a proclamation that Russia has ownership of Venezuela land due to the war and much of Europe, Middle East and parts of the Bronx

Jess V-M says:

This dumb ignorant establishment puppet is on a SERIOUS OPIATE TRIP!!!!!…..Who gave her this prime time slot on Fox Business?

Felix Torres says:

i consider myself a democrat but am also a Latino voter that think Trump is a 1000% right when he says no Russians in VENEZUELA

Toni Zen says:

When did Britney start doing news.

Chopan Alvarado says:

Demand lol us is crazy fix our own problems first smh wtf

Leo Delaney says:

After forcing myself to listen to Trish Regan spouting USA misinformation propaganda, I am wondering if she is capable of any original thoughts. Facts: Venezuela is in the Southern Hemisphere, Madura is a democratically elected president, all their economic troubles is caused by the USA who want Venezuela’s rich resources, etc.
If the USA had not interfered in Central and South America, there wouldn’t be any need for a wall at the Mexico/USA border.

fenixfp40 says:

Laughable propaganda. Fake news, fake face as well.

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