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British Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the EU for yet another extension to Brexit, saying the UK needs more time to avoid leaving the EU without a divorce deal. In a letter sent to European Council President Donald Tusk, May asked for the Brexit deadline to be delayed until up to June 30th. She said she still hoped to get Britain out of the EU before European elections in May, but said that London would make preparations to hold the elections if that’s not possible. Britain’s parliament remains deadlocked over the withdrawal agreement Theresa May secured with the EU.

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steven rowe says:

How many brown paper bags up changing hands between Cameron and Blair to Theresa May?????

Paul Snow says:

Flood Eu with UKIP MEPS Awesome.

operacrackers says:

It doesn’t look like there will be a BREXIT….

Mark Fitz says:

Mrs May is just playing the blame Game and jeremy Corbyn will do the same and to leave the EU will not happen they will not deliver on the People's vote this is also including members of Parliament due to the fact that they do not feel that it's in the People's best interests so why are the British people's paying them to do a job which they will not do they should at least do the honourable thing by resigning that's if they know what it means instead of receiving payment of the British Public to do a job which they will not do.

Kev T says:

Labour – Conservatives – good luck in the elections, you're going to need it. Why hello Mr Farage's New "Brexit Party"

Wolfgang Nachname says:

Elections would bring the brit problems to the EU.

Steve Petty says:

Most disgraceful stupidity from Corbyn. For mercy's sake either say no to Brexit or agree with May's deal. All this obstructive behaviour about customs union in the non-binding political declaration just to make the point that this time he is actually "present AND involved". The Europeans must be reaching frustrations breaking point. Then we can get our POINTLESS Brexit pandering to the so-called "will of the people" and avert the worst civil unrest that a more sensible outcome would bring.

Mark Fitz says:

if members of Parliament ask for a long extension and we do take part European Parliament elections the chances are we will never leave the EU and we all know that the government has got back in preparation

Mark Fitz says:

I can assure you that the EU will not accept a small extension till June 30 this will not be granted by the EU they will be looking for a longer extension possibly into next year so that they can grab the 45 million from British taxpayers to further advance the eu's plans for the future to obtain further power and control of all other countries.that simply comes down to world domination . their own EU army/ laws and tax setting prices on goods setting personal allowances foods country sovereignty / and Everyday life,

Abominable Snowman says:

Polls are suggesting 40% of Brits are angry to be taking part in the EU elections with another 30% very angry. Conservative activists intend to boycott the elections (they will not campaign) field has been cleared for Ukip to sweep the board.

Vote UKIP to bring down the EU from the inside <3

Valentin Condeescu says:

May to call Trump for an extension

Robert Brown says:

While we're giving the E.U gravy train 350million a week they'll let Thereason May and Worzel Corbyn extend forever.

Didier Lemoine says:

UK must end to free England&Wales inside its border 🙂

Kukkakukko says:

I thought they had 2 years time to make up their mind about the deal or leave without it? Procastinating much?

Diazzy Dave says:

Time to hit the streets

jcrequity says:

The EU is crumbling. Supranational structures are very expensive to maintain with little value add. Other than to form a block. It will eventually crumble

place pages says:

Time to say no. Cut them loose. Bye bye

ab ba says:

The reason why we have all this crises and problems with no solution is because of BREXSHIT.

TheProBush says:

Dear EU..Britain wants out..but not really. Just assume that we are out but keep everything as it is..Hush hush..its just between us, wink wink nudge nudge..We announce it like we hv agreed on a deal, sign hands..
Basically we don.t change anything..we.ll pay for your family day

Travis Collins says:

There can’t be any elections. Make it stop. Elections are not the plan. Someone call the captain.

Joe Bloger says:

the dup have been ignored by may so fight back call for a no confidence motion this will FORCE an election get some teeth

Tom Hermens says:

If the UK is still in the EU when they have elections, we must be involved and field candidates. If not, we'll have no more say about anything. From inside we can make a lot of trouble for the EU mafia. Also we still have that veto and have a say in the appointment of the new President as Juncker is retiring!!!!

Tom Hermens says:

May needs to resign now and hand over to someone capable!!!

Allbritde says:

No extension. Sign the deal or get out.

jcrequity says:

Keep us in, and UK MeP will veto everything and any effort, and infect the EU machinery with a Brexit style impasse on all policy making. The English gentleman will not get angry, he merely gets even. Time to plan for the reverse-punishment

unboxing theboxx says:


Donald Boughton says:

We in the UK want to leave of the EU. The problem is that Theresa May the [prime minister has gone rogue. The UK electorate would like the duplicitous serial incompetent gone. The trouble is the only people who can do this until the general election are the Tory MP's who do not have the political balls to do it.

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