How to prevent a panic attack

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Panic attacks can be scary when they happen, but it’s important to remember that they can, and will pass. When you’re in the moment, there are some simple actions that you can take and some things you can remember which may help you to calm down again.

Leading consultant psychiatrist, Dr Adil Jawad, gives advice on avoiding a panic attack, and what you can do if you feel you are about to experience one.

If you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, you can make an appointment with a psychiatrist by visiting


Dean and Hannah Commentates says:

I had a almost had a panic attack today with my friend. So it made me want to watch this

brianna wolf says:

well i just got winged off my meds so me and my hubby can have a child…its great but im still having anxiety/panic attacks here and there each attack differs to be hounest but when i have them i think and feel like im going to go insane,die, cant breath,stop breathing,faint,black out, shakes, nausia, dizzy some times not to often, and i cant think logically for a minute or two….it all together sucks and its will last a few minutes like 5 or ten, but when they are horrible its around 15 mins i think lol its not like i time my self XD but i try to think to my self that i know im fine and try to breath and calm down. Watching cartoons ,playing games and cuddle with my husband helps. i also talkk to him and he cuddles me in and tell me it will be ok cause just hearing that from my loved and trusted ones helps. i have developed a thing for asking if ill be ok because i had a very bad past that had tormented me and now im a mess some times im getting better but i still carry the burden of anxiety and panic attacks. all i can say as a piece of addvise is to find some one you can trust with your life and talk to them it can friend,family,even a pet which does help out lol. playing games and watching positive tv helps take your mind off. and get a help. This differs from each person but this is what im doing to help my self so i hope this will help others also taking a cold or hot shower helps to even a bath to just relax.

Kim Komando says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out tips for dealing with panic attacks try PanicFire. info ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

Elianys Plays says:

You said fuckus not focus

delich2007 says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out tips for dealing with panic attacks try Tarbetti Fearless Tutor (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

Thomas Just says:

The people that made this video, are idiots, there is nothing simple about panic attacks…thumbs down

Mark says:

Tf is he saying bout to call 911

You Found Ranae says:

When I have panic attacks I just turn red, bend over, shake, hyperventilate… But, normally my panic attacks last 15-20 minutes.

When I focus on my breathing it just gets worse? Maybe that's just me, idk…

Loyal says:

I have panic attacks daily and it lasts for like 20 minutes at work then the feeling lingers all day my body feels drained it’s exhausting just concentrating on my breathing for 10 hours

Sarg Kookie says:

Panic attacks ruined my career ..

ttyllerss_shape PK says:


ttyllerss_shape PK says:

I get mine every night and it last until I fall asleep

Simply_ Hayden says:

I have panic attacks at school. Everyone looks at me because of my uncontrolled ability crying. I’ll try these steps the next time I have a test.

D Ross says:

By the way sometimes they lady hours or I have several a day

D Ross says:

I have suffered with Panic attacks since 2001. The ones I experience feels like I’m about to die. I have this intense fear I have the palpitations the dizziness the shortness of breath the I’m about to pass out. I have them at home in the car work every. I have been a prisoner of panic attack now for 18 years. I just want my life back… if it’s not me thinking I’m about to have a heart attack it’s I’m about to have stroke… this thing called panic attacks causes me to die emotionally and spiritually every time I have one. I’m tired of the meds and games o want help. Ativan is only a band aide and Buspar makes me feel worse. If anyone has a real free cure because panic attacks caused me to be unemployed call me at 2022762155 Dave or if your going thru an attack I’ll try to calm you

Richard Sequeira says:

Dr…i want to know weder taking psychiatric medicines for a long time for anxiety disorder…& Serotonin imbalance…has any side effects in future for a person suffering… medicines have helped in decreasing d intensity & frequency of attacks of my relative whose suffering for sbout a period of 15 yrs…is any other kind of treatment available

Imperal Japan says:

When I have my panic attacks are from my mom and dad fighting when I think about I fell like I’m gonna have a attack

Nabil Adeel says:

We know these are not dangerous and for few minutes ..but these few minutes of panic attacks ruined my life ,i couldn't even talk in front of people, my company sacked me

Swimbait1 says:

These doctors always say they only last a few minutes but I have had hundreds of anxiety attacks that last for 30 minutes or even an hour. Just last night I had one that lasted for 45 minutes and only stopped when I finally took some medication.

Kiran Pawar says:

Thank u sirji

varunesh sharma says:

Doston me 37 sal ka hun. Pichle 20 sal se anexity ki prb se pareshan tha. Marne ka dar aur baki symptoms. Lakin ab me isse bahar aa chuka hun. Kyunki ye koi bimari hei hi nhi aur isko jad se khatam kiya ja sakta hei. Jo bhi is bimari se pareshan he. Wo mujhse mere WhatsApp no 8376073646 per bat kar sakta hei. Ek msg dalker. Daro mut ye koi bimari hei hi nhi.

Balaji Rajendiran says:

Thank you so much sir helpful video

Craig Haylett says:

I had a series of panic attacks whilst in bed last night. The only thing which helped was to actually get out of bed for a few minutes and then return. Dr Jawad, thank you for your suggestions.

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