History Won’t Forget How Obama Was Treated

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Fascist. Communist. Socialist. Racist. These are just a few of the things President Obama has been called by conservatives since he took office in 2008. It’s curious how he survived eight years of this, and history isn’t going to forget it. Subscribe to HuffPost today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG

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kevin smith says:

it just, go to show, that racism is alive, and well,, and idiot, trump, can drag the united states in the gutter, as well as the republican party, and,,, no one would say any thing about it,

Binyon H says:

All these effing arse wipes are the trump supporters. WtF

Alex 109 says:

Wrong Obama isnt socailist he is a democrat

Bill Rozner says:


Mark T says:

Not one of you Trump humpers have a good reason why Obama should have been impeached or charged with anything why does it keep coming up , or are you hopeing to distract from king Trump and all his real scandals and investigations

Greg Bedel says:

Fox News minus Shepard Smith lost their balls when tRumP was elected to the presidency.

Larrymh07 says:

I just lost all respect for Hank Williams Jr.

Isaac Saiz says:

Compared to how they treat trump this is candy

titi gomes says:

Oh my God look at the haters like are we doing better now you know what was wrong with Obama the only thing that was wrong with Obama that he was black and people in the one that meant that we had a black president and he did real good by the people for the people and now all we have now we have the races we have the person who only cares about himself and nobody else he cannot make up his mind and he's drilling a big hole of separation and segregation amount Americans but don't call us United States of America for nothing the people will prevail because we had a great nation we will always great and will be always great and that's thanks to these Joker that we have now in the White House

Joseph Nowicki says:

This is literally how CNN treats Trump.

Lorena Ann Hepworth says:

I sure miss Obama!

Some Guy Behind the Arby ́s says:

Is it just me or everyone who complained was white

curtis grissom says:

The racist savages won't care.

Anthony Oko says:

And people say CNN hate Donald

That Libra Lady!!!!!! King says:

Wament, these are just privilege whipipo, talking about someone they didn't like. They are looking for any reason to hate him because he was president for eight years and because he was black. Compared to tRump he was scandal free!!!

M Piper says:

We already know how President Obama was treated by a bunch of Jim Crow hicks in the Whitehouse and Fox media.

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