Insight into my Forex Trading Journey | Trade Recap

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An insight into my Forex Trading Journey – learning how to trade the Forex Market. I share some of my biggest takeaways from February and discuss how the month has been for me. After that, i then do a Screen-share on Tradingview and recap some of the trades i’ve taken throughout the month including positions taken on NZD/CAD and EUR/USD.
I really hope you enjoy the video and thank you for the continuous support throughout the journey so far.


Chimp Paradox:
Trading In The Zone:
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The Book That Shifted My Perspective:
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drena david says:

Who says forex isn't the most profitable foam of investment, i just paid off my montage in less than five month of trading.

Uno Spruell says:

Loving your progress. It inspires me. Im hoping to get as good as you. I have children and i want to spend as much time with them as possible and forex will help me do that. My dad been in prison since i was 2 so it would mean the world to me to be as present as possible and not be at a 9 to 5

Jacob Charbonneau says:

Nice video michael ! I'm currently recording content in french and you inspire me !

Дмитрий Александрович says:

up your profit

Roots channel says:

Great job and thanks for the video

Precious 99 says:

do you have a group on telegram?

Precious 99 says:

I look up to you bro

Kathryn Morgenson says:

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Victoria Dasilva says:

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Eduardo Mendes says:

Great Michael but you guys at Falcon use too big risk reward ration. I don't get it. very difficult

lucy baker says:

trading is not as simple as it looks am so happy trading with peter wilson

Fahim Jamal says:

what mouse do you use?

Joseph kuria says:

Those airpods though!! haha

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