2019 Bahrain Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Re-live a rollercoaster of emotions under the floodlit desert of Bahrain…

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Marcus Duffner says:

Well done Lewis, another step to become one of the world legendary driver.

Ernestbryan Baul says:

If that issue of charles car dont change believed the redbull will be in the podium till the end of season

ilumicen SG says:

Why Lamborghini never participate in f1? Ain’t they got the best engine?

Bruno Fantozzi says:

"Here we go again"

Few seconds later

Vettel spin all alone

Chrissapien says:

Forza Alfa Romeo!

Matthew Leung says:

how come there are 3 Toro Rossos in the race?

MR. ARHAM says:

What happened to Charles is exactly like what happened to Hamilton in 2016 Malaysia

Fox7Alpha V2 says:

Did that frontwing flew off?

The walrus was Paul o says:

Lewis just seems to have mastered the overtake without taking himself out, he instinctively knows when to go balls out for the pass and when to hold back when it's not possible. This to me is the main difference between him and Sebastian. If max can learn from Lewis he will undoubtedly be a world champion. I'm a massive fan of Lewis, but if he was to retire tomorrow, then leclerc would be my number one with a doubt. Excellent driver and a genuinely nice guy.

TheWalkthroughOfLife says:

Top 10 saddest moment in Anime.

Legalizze.420.Gaming says:

These mercedes wins are BS -.-"

Tahaa Media says:

Toto knows that this win just happened due to the unreliability of Charles' car. You can see on his smile that something is not good. Hope Mercedes Benz will still be champion this year because Ferrari are looking really fast

Bret Coleman says:

HUlk. you cant turn down on a car and not expect him to stop faster than you!

Elia Fugnanesi says:

Ancora bestemmio

AGVancouver says:

Looks like karma has been out to get Perez again

Alexello says:

Vettels driving skills 100
Ferarri strategy skills 0

Fard Mee says:

Any special event prepared for the 1000th GP, besides the race being a special event itself?


ferrari very puissant best 2019

Robert potts says:

A win is a win whichever way you get it

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