MAKING AN OC (my character design process)

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thinking about you (neoplasma + oui lele)



Oui Lele:…


Danah says:


Charlize Wilson says:

Youre mildly sorted and have a process and im just sitting over here like I Doodled Them Once And Liked The Design So They Are My Son

Galaxy18 Unicorn says:

your cool Amino is not cool

Spawn_Of_Tyme says:

Honestly your handwriting is an aesthetic

Pickle Scouts says:

You deserve a lot more subs no joke

Brandy Siratt says:

I like to start backwards you could say. I like making the world around them then make the character make the world then see what peolpe fit in the world.

Kate Moore says:

This inspired me SO much!! I finally could make my child!! Thank you.

Mud Fox says:

There's no such thing as ”too many characters”

Maxxinn says:

It would be really interesting to see you design a really detailed video game concept art style character that could be in a more futuristic/ post- apocalyptic universe!

Smef says:

The back of my head loved this video

Gingerwifi 2006 says:

I like how you hold your pencil

Daeven says:

The people who pressed the dislike button obviously thought it said 'dis i like'.

Xx SausyRanch xX says:

Aw sweet, I might use this for my ocs. Maybe help me understand them more! Thanks bruhski! (Sorry this is so late!)

MeannCat says:

I usually start with the look because that's easiest…it tends to change a bit as time goes on though, like when my style shifts, and when the character gets more developed.

You my fellow youtuber…are way more organized than I am in character designing. XD

Do Things You Are Bad At says:

you are just so good i really liked your art

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