Guy with 2.4 GPA now makes $300k as a SWE (Software Engineer)

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Cyrus Xi:
His reddit posts:

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VanMedia says:

His reddit says 2.9 gpa…your video says 2.4 gps..which one is it nigga

PNG says:

Joma is just looking for tips for his next job he wants to find.

darryl nguyen says:

Joma, please understand that people watch your videos for the content – hearing success stories of those who work in tech to apply themselves. They don't watch for you, you are so terribly annoying and such a bad conversationalist/interviewer

Sudipta Karmakar says:

Heyyyy! I know you from the original reddit post! Sweeet!

Daniel Li Ge says:

Wait did you just delete a video? I was saving them for tonight and couldn't find the newest one. Or I could just be seeing things.

TheJinroKing says:

Uber does not pay SWE's 300k. How do I know? I work there as a SWE.

Naofumi Iwatani says:

i did skeet code which is 100 ejaculations on medium difficulty

Camilo Carrillo says:

seems like you should really love data to stay in data science, not a field for everyone, specially if you want to implement stuff and have contact with real world customers.

reza lendra says:

I thought this video is for April fools

Carolina Hernandez says:

That's fair enough and you produce valuable content!

Damian J says:

There is hope for me! Awesome. Yeah, it's all about skills and on the job learning, training, and experience.

Chokkarapu sai teja says:

Nice to see you back ,lots of love from India

Jacob L. says:

While I am doing the best I can in school

This gives me hope when I feel like its the end of the world when it comes to exams

André says:

wheres the part where he talks about money

Jack Francis says:

Seen Joma posting on SAT too. Surreal.

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