Destroying a VM With a Spooky Malware! (Virus Investigations 36)

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time sitting down and installing what seems to be something out of a summer movie and letting it roam in a nested VM environment. One system bites the dust but hopefully that’s all of it! Thanks for watching!
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ComputerNoises says:

FYI, "Mrs" is "missus"
"Ms" is "miss"

Dakota Giles says:

virtual inception

Infinite_Dreams says:

1Like = BSOD
1Dislike = RSOD

Yasin Sukarieh says:

If this happened on an actual physical computer, couldnt you just replace the boot drive and re-install windows on the new drive?

Semi says:

I got this virus when I was searching for exploits for games thank god I contacted the creator and he told me how to fix it so far I am like over carefull

RaceGod SRT says:

Get rid of the creepy and it’s basically an Indian scammer

Cheeki Breeki Gopnik says:

It doesn't affect the BIOS right? I can just reinstall windows….

Panagiotis S says:

In fact this wasn't a virus was a stubborn program which wasn't able to close and installed a custom desktop theme and played few graphic effects over your desktop. This red screen was fake. The Blue Screen of Death is Blue and it doesn't gives you message from the program like the one we saw. There is not virus which can erase your cmos or burn your computer. This was just an executable program which was run when the computer was started it added something in windows registry and forced you to restart because the operating system in the next restart will execute the new registry data which makes the program to run on start up.. The viruses can only destroy files not hardware. If this program will not destroy your files or your data or your operating system then is very easy to remove it. For example if you restore your system to the previously restore point the virus will be removed. Maybe will be tricky to find where in the registry is but usually is the registry folders with name run.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun. You should look in all places which allows your computer to run programs when is starting up even try to run command prompt and see if there are bat files which run again and check if you have removed things from registry and repair it again. If you will manage to remove all registry data which runs this software, even the desktop theme itself will be the virus you will able to prevent it to load when starting your computer or remove the current desktop theme.

Fossiliferous says:

Yo when you going to steal the smallpox virus and infect yourself.

penguinz09 says:

i got inspired by you so i got a vertual bos myself

funnyjoshua says:

Wouldn't formatting the drives and redownloading your OS fix the problem?

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