Olivia Newton-John Speaks Out About Cancer and Marijuana

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Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John reveals why she refused to undergo chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. Plus, she discusses how medicinal marijuana has helped her manage her pain.

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Mezza says:

The big pill companies are the ones who are fighting imagine growing your own medication no doctors $$$ no pills $$$$$

huntsman baits says:

Those bastards in behind government lines are doing the most evil satanic stuff, harming kids and they arrest me for growing a bit of weed, i will never stop and i would happily help a cancer patient grow and produce oil, i had a couple visit me, they com,e from London, one was an NHS worker and the other was in the Police and they both had family members with cancer and i was so pleased to help them, cancer doesnt discriminate and for us to be denied the right to that medicine is just sick.
Ive been growing since i was 14 and im 37 now and ive been researching its medical values for most of that time and a seed company i dealt with produced the first 0% THC and 20+% CBD strain which they supplied to the Israeli government for research and they sent me the brain scans of a child of 4 years old, she was certain going to die but over 6 months of giving her CBD the scans showed her tumor shrinking at a phenomenal rate and now the girl lives a full and healthy life, I dont care what they did to me, if i could assist a family with my knowledge to help save a life i would, and i would argue it all the way to my jail cell, its sheer greed on the part of the government, they want to control us, they dont want us to be able to think for ourselves, i have no faith in them, i read that the owner of nestle who is in with them all , he said that water is not a human right and needs to be privatized! thats the way that people like that think!

Shirley Howard says:

I need cannabis for RA. Tried CBD oils from 4 reputable co's and didn't help so I need a higher THC product I was told!

Shirley Howard says:

Cannabis needs no more studies….we know it heals!!!

No Fux Given says:

Check out http://Www.wedgecultivation.com for fresh, clean, indoor, high cbd hemp delivered to your door.

Andrew Gulick says:

I have prostate cancer and eat apricot seeds, carrot juice, beet juice, broccoli, onions, garlic, turmeric, and more. I was wondering about hemp oil. Does anyone know if hemp oil works for cancer as well?

Chrissy Carter says:

Why do people have such a hard time believing this is a cure all? Wake up people! Chemo, radiation, that's pure poison! Pharmaceuticals, are the real killers! No money to be made in natural cures, and there alot of them.

Cindy Blanchard says:

Chiari 1 malformation, misdiagnosed for too many years, so sad, when this GREAT WESTERN MEDICAL SYSTEM FAILED

Steven Jonh says:

Could someone explain me if someone is on Plant Base Diet…or Vegan Diet how he or she still be able to maintain their weight? They look normal not skinny… Pls explain me pls.

Kat c says:

Give her what she wants give her what she needs in the name of Jesus God bless you Olivia

H B says:

So many drugs out there and they can't find a cure. I really don't think they want a cure.. They make money from people having cancer a cure would make them lose money.

Christian Sinner says:

Marijuana has been used successfully for over 10,000 yrs.

Stacy Bahlman says:

Can you tell me where to get RSO?

Steve Dosier says:

If you are in need of the best CBD oil contact purityherbalandspiritual@priest.com or whatsapp +1(513)912-8070. Their CBD oil helped kill my dad's prostrate cancer.

Kannabisss says:

“I’m not a statistic, I’m me” no, you’re part of the statistic whether you like it or not. Why is she trying to make statistics seem like a bad thing ?

Ramona Leigh B says:


R Carmisin says:

I'm scared to quit smoking weed. I don't know what is being held back by the THC.

Tracy Bober says:

Great for her

K P says:

#6630507 patent issued by one hand of the government for the medical properties of cannabis and while the other says there is none. Hummmmmm

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