Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul documents Flat Earth conference

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In an age where people are able to access information seemingly on any perspective or theory – even if decisively incorrect – this documentary shows the dangers of confirmation bias.



Anthony Giovanni says:

Lol IQ level: -90

Keegan Sullivan says:

Still a twat

Mostafa Asa says:

If the earth is flat walk to the edge and prove that there is one…

MOE BEY says:

water isn't wet

I_am_A Boy_Damon says:

These people are slow. If they dont think the world is round, then they will never understand physics. They are stupid. Almost everything they use in their daily life is based on the earth being round.

Xu Xu says:

1 + 1 = ?
The earth is flat.

Payge says:

even if you dont believe fe this guy is an asshole for lying and misleading everyone

Daddy u says:

Fuck mark has the same last name as me

Italian Stallion says:

It's really funny because you don't see well known physicists or astronomers or geologists from renowned universities backing up the flat Earth theory, the majority who believe in a flat Earth are Christians these people need,

alex042687 says:

The Earth is round. Not!

Ricky Fever says:

Actually I’m pretty sure the earth is flat, get ur facts right dumbass

MerksPintSizedPenis says:

It's sad that I live on the same planet as all these idiots

kay jewl says:

Logan needs to go away

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