Black Star – Astronomy

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Found it hard to believe when I couldn’t find this song on youtube. This song and thieves in the night are among the best Mos Def and Talib Kweli have made.

Regardless of what your skin color is, you have to admit these guys are two of the few guys who are conscious about society and their heritage and background


Beck Cauchi says:

Under rated as i listen to mos n talibs solo too…lyrics r tight af..telling a story…poetry at its best

Ricky James says:

Its crazy man knowledge is so powerful i couldn't of listened to this before i was 25, holdin dwn the mic like this is God given

Dj Kutt’n Cee says:

the best duel album since the Run-DMC!

Kevin says:

Oooh oooh lordy have mercy! !!!!

Blackstar are the dopest brothas! Period.

Woke before it became buzzword!


Judah TheOracle says:

My generation's Kendrick Lamar

hopscotchoblivion says:

You know who else is a Blackstar?

GMoorefan115 says:

An Absolute Masterpiece to this day. It all came together on this album for Talib and Mos Def.

mimi stevens says:

Black like my baby girls stare .. Rest in peace mi vida

Durrell Ga says:

damn i love listening to Blackstar Talib & Mos are the illest rappers out there

thatboytho06 05 says:

you don't gotta be black to appreciate this. Salute

Christian Turner says:

so fucking rugged.

Charles Bey says:

Nice song. By now Yasiin Bey knows "black" according to Science means death; according to common law means badge of servitude; according etymology is traced to "blaec," which means pale skin but today according to the mindset of the profane means something cool as expressed through cultural eyes.

GreatKlanuga says:

Y'all don't even see the math in this song: F_{n-2} = F_n – F_{n-1},

Kyle Glasser says:

uhhhhhhhh mind blown.

But I have suspected for a while that Thieves in the Night was a little too on theme.

brian95 says:

This shit goes fucking hard

Ryan Moore says:

If you listen to this against something of today like Rich Homie Quan it doesn't even sound like the same genre of music. Black Star is one of the last great rap groups.


yassine bey =)

Chill Pill says:

Black is the color of my true loves hair

HypomanicProduction1 says:

classic and legendary beat – pls follow hypomanicppromo on soundcloud – Spheres beat has support from DJ Pressure of RapStationRadio – i got beats this style in the bag too – sure i will upload something like this in 2015

S Middleton says:

Blacker than my granddaddy arm chair … Lord!!

X Zu says:

The Black Star is the Power I share. 

InsertNameHereSUCKS says:

naw, what i meant was he isn't as bad as everyone thinks, everyone says "lil wayne is the worst rapper ever, he's a skinny jean wearing faggot", i just think he's mediocre. But yeah, people annoy the hell out of me with that " new rap sucks dick" stuff, they should listen to Shad.k or at least attempt to find new music. If they used the energy on ranting on hip hop towards finding new hip hop they will be content

InsertNameHereSUCKS says:

i wish there were more people like you on these comment sections. lil wayne is mediocre nothing more, nothing less. He's not that talented but i've heard way worse rappers than him

Jake Franco says:

I feel like people try way to hard to classify, and categorize music. its a blessing and curse. the idea of genres can be such a helpful and convenient thing, a tool really. But it ends up being about "Im on team Hip Hop", "Fuck That Gay Emo Shit!". It's just Human Nature to want to be part of a group, since we evolved nomadically as tribal peoples relying on each other to survive. My point is that sometimes Music cant be defined. Thats what makes it so beautiful. Be grateful guys!

Inventory says:

Black like Assassin crosshairs.

Eric Labrador says:

these guys are the real

Aram Mardanyan says:

this beat is so raw,i sqeeze my teeth everytime i hear this sick tune.

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