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Anthony Sultana says:

The proof that life was not created from gods ,but from bacteria,therefor there is bacteria that grows, and bacteria that don't grow.Life after death is bullshit.

Hema Gayatri says:

Global Synthetic Biology Market was valued at $3.57 Billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $12.71 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 19.9%.
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elyakimlev says:

And people claim that we should not send people to Mars because they might bring back bacteria that would harm life on Earth. Well, bio-engineering might produce a much bigger threat…

AJ81 says:

Best channel on youtube.

Robert Tinsley says:

Maybe it's not nukes that kills incipient extraterrestrial life forms, maybe it's biotech.

Inolvidable 1 says:

Immortal human sounds so good. Let’s assume we crack the code, will u take the pill to immortality or choose to go to ‘Heaven’?

Gecko o says:

wait what?, bio brick construction kits are for sale?, why I know about that until now?,

Roman says:

Introducing the awakening of zombies.

HaoHung Dang says:

Holyshit your channel is such a gem. You deserve more subcriber my friend. Informative and easy to understand content

T L says:

Amazing videos! More plz!!!!

Cosmopolitan says:

Designing a bacteria with as few as possible genes.
Something like "Hello, world!", bacteria, to me.

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