Difference Between Scripting And Programming Language

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Fundamentals14 Difference Between Scripting And Programming Language

Friends welcome to techvedas. In this video we are going to what is scripting and programming language means and what types of applications they are most suitable for.


Video tutorial playlist link

Unified modeling language

Pointers in C

Embedded System

Python Programming tutorial
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jvsnyc says:

This is pretty good. Of course, C# and Java are both considered programming, rather than scripting, and have "compilers" but output machine-independent intermediate code rather than platform-dependent object code. As these are very popular and common languages, the description of compilers as platform-dependent and not requiring a run-time is a bit inaccurate. In both the case of .Net and Java, various different source language program components can work together on the virtual machine, which probably deserves mention.

TechVedas .learn says:

Complete playlist link for: Unified Modeling Language (UML) videos


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