Cancer Treatment: What to Expect | UCLA Radiation Oncology

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Born Blazed says:

Oncology is the modern version of leech treatments its all bullshit! my Lung Cancer Metastasised in 2007 and the only reason why im still here is thanks too eating atleast 6 thai peppers from local grocery store.

ام عيون says:

العلاج السرطان بالاشعه تحت الحمراء وتحديد موقع السرطان
في الجسم

Venkatesh Pasam says:

all the patients will not able to lie down on couch, you didn't show any palliative case , how will you treat palliative patients.

rambo man says:

this will destroy you and make a zombie out of you then they will drain your bank account bankrupt you and u will die of complications

KGBz says:

Dont go to these barbaric hospitals. youtube low dose naltrexone burt berkson and view ihealthtube channel for safer treatments

John Zelenak says:

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