The Most Unusual Ways Pi Shows Up In Mathematics | Can You Explain These?

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Riemann Zeta Function:

Random Walk:

Random Walk (Calculating Pi):

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peanut12345 says:

Buffons Needle is Cranky and from "playing with drugs". Why is 1% error is fine?

Yasir Irshad says:

Do it.. the video on e.. do it.

Abdalla Babikir says:

I think for the coin flip example, it's impossible to be at 0 if you flip the coin an odd number of times

Duck Jr. says:

Hey, I'm kinda torn between majoring in computer engineering and computer science. Which do you think is a better choice?

neuroxik says:

9:06 "The answer is pi. Nah, I'm just kidding" made me laugh as fuck

therealnico says:

Your videos are really great. Keep up the good work! Mark my words, this channel will be well over one million subs on New Year's Eve! 🙂

Zivojin Limanic says:

Can you do rejuvenation biotechnology, specifically research on curing aging and the SENS research foundation?

Richard Deese says:

I LOVE IT! Pi and e are both wonderfully NATURAL numbers – they're EVERYWHERE in nature! Who wouldn't love that? tavi.

Corne van Zyl says:

Euler please!

Soumyadeep 980 says:

After watching the whole video my brain is telling me

fuck this shit i'm out

35cut says:

this is exactly why i hate engineers

Smelly Cheesecake says:

How about in Stirlings approximation, try adding 1/Pi instead of 1/3. I haven't tried it but it might get a lot closer, or maybe even exact.

TheTedandfred says:

Take a drink every time he namedrops 3Blue1Brown, just goes to show how useful of a resource that channel is

Dank Memes says:

The integral from negative infinity to infinity of (cos (x^2)/x^2 + 1) dx =pi / e

Luis Alejandro Rubiano Guerrero says:

Very cool video. I am excited for the video about e

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