Mathematics Explains The Universe – Full Documentary 2016

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Mathematics Explains The Universe
Who was the first person to discover math?
As a result, he has been hailed as the first true mathematician and the first known individual to whom a mathematical discovery has been attributed. Pythagoras established the Pythagorean School, whose doctrine it was that mathematics ruled the universe and whose motto was “All is number”


Nobody says:

So the whole premise of this video is that math is a discovery, and these people are still petty enough to claim superiority over Aristotle? If we can acquire an infinite number of items of knowledge, then we are no different than Aristotle. Any hypothesis or theory may easily be proven wrong as we keep making discoveries.

ROBZTA M says:

If the universe is fundamentally mathematical then black holes are most likely the consequence of the universal equation fracticly expressing itself as the remainder of the equation, black holes may appear separate & in different locations in space time but fundamentally they might all be connected leading to the source of our dimension or maybe even to the source of creation itself.  I do not think mere flesh & blood could ever penetrate through a black hole, I imagine the only way to pass through the event horizon unscathed would be to create an existential bubble detached from the universe itself, I do not think this would ever be possible in the near future but it's mind blowing to think about.

Malik Al-J says:

but…the pyramids of Giza were built in distances in the fibonacci sequence. so how did fibonacci discover something the Egyptians already knew??? how could they engineer the pyramids without advanced mathematics?? Europeans are not the discoverers of America, math or anything else

ツ.Imprint. says:

I was forced to watch this in my mathematical academic class.. FML.

Eao Ryan says:

Maths only works as long as nothing get's in the way. If something gets in the way then you gotta fall back to probability. If the probability you're using can predict the lotto numbers then you're onto something. Faute de ça, take a number and wait for your budget allocation like everybody else.

Sujur Ramalingam says:

Beautifully narrated

D S says:

Super advanced tech CGI everything RIOGHT. We landed on the moon too. Oh and Viscosity in glue means we are aliens… Believing in God is ridiculous though lol. Quantum Entanglement. Nuffffff said. K bye.

Joel Bäckman says:

I'll learn enough math to get into med school, but after that I'll leave math to all the less interesting people in the world.

Edit: and no, you don't need math as a doctor. You use formulas to get the right doses, but that's basic as hell. You switch out variables for things like the patients weight, height and age.

incredible Gamers says:

Maths comes from India where 0 was discovered and the true age of enlightenment started. Sadly western influence has made any non white achievement feel less.

yoyo yo says:

All this complexity and they can’t get the grammar right in the video title.

Mathematics explains

Explain… not explains

The Patriot says:

I'm sure about one thing:
"3 6 9 are the keys of the universe" -Nikola Tesla

Tatsuya says:

I'm a brainlet 🙁


nice. all is number. 🙂

Clark Magnuson says:

Very little math in a show about math…. and I know why.

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