Removing Blood Clot From the Artery or Veins

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Removing Blood Clot From the Artery or Veins, How Doctors perform surgery to remove the Blood clot in the vein or artery in one Human body, You will be amazed by the technology used in modern age.


TheWhiteOne says:

This is satisfying to watch lol

Maik A. says:

Whats the name of this methode?

Vahap Sumer says:

I asked about this at a private chain hospital in Turkey and the doctor said this is impossible. Because the content that is clugging the veins is totally integrated to the walls. It is not possible to just swipe it away. Can someone verify this information?


Which hospital dis treatment is available

Killer Croc says:

Just take garlic pills

Endris Negewo says:

Amazing I wish for my mam

Endris Negewo says:


Dibyaranjan Hota says:

Is it possible to remove blood clots from brain by this technique

Matthew Bianchi says:

Removing blood clots is dangerous.

moammar butt says:

In which countries this machinery available …?

HIP - HOP - FANZ says:

Hey what is this called as I have 2 blood clots in my left leg in my main veins.. 2/3 full blocked.. I've now getting gangrene in my 2nd toe and docs want to amputate and as you can imagine I don't want that.

Reagan Mora says:

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where is avable this trtmt

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