Latest news on the border wall battle

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‘The Next Revolution’ panel discusses Trump’s next move as the Democrats try to block his national emergency.

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Joao Baptista says:

Talk about stealing… The razor wire on the wall is being stolen by Mexicans and used to protect their homes… O my, Mexicans are building walls and the Americans are paying for it, that's just funny, that's karma fer ya… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Daniel Thomas says:

All Tump Supporters are too lazy and stupid to see what Trump is doing to them… Conman.

Mohammad Living God's precious child says:

Oh living God our souls father supreme soul Ishwar Allah yahova incorporeal invisible shining light makes me entire globe and citizens livingly peacefully fearlessly happily until their all births especially USA and citizens livingly peacefully fearlessly happily until their all births I will remembering you I will pray for you Almighty Authority living God

Super Duper says:

"Mexico will pay for the wall!" Then all the mindless sheep believed it and cheered, you people are completely out of touch with reality.

Kat says:

It's all fake on both sides to distract the people from Halliburton imprisoning our Mexican brothers and charging 44 grand a year per person of our tax dollars while disabled Americans get 12 grand per family after two years denial and a lawyer.

Issiac Moonstroller says:

The wall is not about President Trump: To understand why the wall is important, just ask yourself, how would WWII had played out if there were no United States of America? The wall helps to symbolise the idea of Nationalism, in the strongest sense. Ergo the Symbol should be more than a fence. The wall will not keep people out, but it will act as a symbol that keeps (United States) Nationalism, embedded firmly in the Minds of United States Citizens.

grawlix ghost says:

Ha ha ha. More Fake News. The wall is being constructed right now without the funding from congress. Spanky David Denisson is just playing with Pelosi and Schumer to divert their attention away from Russia collusion and the illegal campaign spending.

bigredwolf6 says:

Take our magpies, our drop bears, and our cassowaries. Who needs humans to patrol your wall when you could have psychopathic animals hell bent on killing humans?

Dexter Jackson says:


William Baynes says:

Yes! We need it! The sooner we get the wall the safer US will be!

Dexter Jackson says:

Show us one foot of new wall SINCE he's been in the oval office show us some of the terrorist HE claims to have caught EVERYDAY at the border show us some of the drugs that's been confiscated you've claimed to have caught EVERYDAY at the border show us your invisible EMERGENCY when the real REASON is the BROWN PEOPLE ARE COMING TO REPLACE YOU PITIFUL DEPLORABLE RACIST MOTHERFUCKERS and your BASE is SHRINKING not expanding our BLUEWAVE last year was just a warm up the MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are ALREADY tired of this DISGRACE with the SCANDALS CURRUPTION AND CRIMES WHILE PRETENDING he's the VICTIM who's MISUNDERSTOOD WHILE the facts or the truth is right in our faces EVERYDAY

PG HU! says:


Albert Stevens says:

trump should use his charitable foundation to build his wall. Bugger, they closed it down.Wonder why?

Ottoman Empire says:

Why has Fox turned off comments on all of their Jussie Smollett YouTube Videos? Don't want any criticism for not firing him and instead, taking advantage of the increased publicity?

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