Why CHINESE JESUS still TERRIFIES Communist China

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Skull Fucker says:

Islam is a mental illness

therubicon says:

Jorgé Mario Bergolio was a fascist shill for the Peronist party of Argentina, and so this is no surprise. He's probably a communist.

Tacitus Today says:

China has not pulled people out of poverty. That is a myth. They took, often forcibly, subsistence peasant farmers to the city to work at $1 per hour jobs. In techno-fiscal speak that's called lifting out of poverty. Yeh right!


That's Korean Jesus btw… I knew the grandsons of the late artist. Pentecostals

david nichols says:

"I don't care if it rains or freezes long as I got my plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car!"

Dave Wesley says:

Chinese are correct in saying “Islam is a mental disease”.

InsaneCR0W says:

The Chinese are on the money when they say that 'Islam is a mental illness'.

Joker says:

China is the only country which is pushing back against Islam effectively!


In the name of (your) God go in peace

Das Raddiche says:

China Uncensored t-old us about the Uighurs. It is quite obvious now

Nikolaij Brouiller says:

I am aware of the Taiping Revolt as well as the Christian Revolts in Japan.

No surprise, Christianity is a social reforming doctrine.
Communism does not like competition.

Das Raddiche says:

If you cannot control faith you cannot control the mind. Why would we want to control another persons mind? Ask a Socialist.

张笑寒 says:

There is no doubt that stability is of upmost importance. However, sometimes it is the government itself which have caused instability. In the history of China, sometimes the government tax the farmers so much that they have no choice but to rebel, otherwise they will simply starve to death. Therefore, although I’m happy to see the commies are trying to keep the threat of Islam under control, I don’t appreciate their other efforts in maintaining ‘stability’.

QorinHalfhand. says:

How all religions start-some dude falls in a coma and says he had a weird dream of him being the son of god/contacted by an angel,….

Joe Kerr says:

China is blocking the comment section. I cant view or comment on anything. I dont even know if this will be posted.

John Calder says:

Well they got Islam right.

Christopher Tong says:

VIVA CRISTO REY! , But in China.

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